A Little Catch-Up, Part 1

Hello my lovelies! Just thought I would catch everyone up on some things that are happening with your girl and this blog lately.

I’ll Take #2

The Baltimore Sun held their Fourth Annual Mobbies awards for best social media and blogs in Maryland. Last year was my first year to be eligible and I actually won for Best Reader Engagement blog! This year, we were once again nominated in the Best Personal Blog category (Thanks to whoever nominated me! I would thank you personally if I could).

Alas, although I know so many of you voted and voted for me (Thank you to all of you!!! You know who you are and I love you!), I did not take the top spot. Instead, that went to a great blog “Witty Title Here“. I did however come in second and I don’t take that lightly in the least. I really appreciate the support of all of you who read and comment here, especially in light of the fact that you don’t really know me. I really couldn’t do it without you and I do feel lucky to be able to share so many personal things here safely.

You can see the list of all the results here on the Baltimore Sun site.

New Things On The Horizon
One of the best parts of being part of the Mobbies competition is getting to discover other blogs, collaborate with other great writers, and share innovative ideas. This year was no different. Although I remain anonymous, I have been able to talk to many other people about so many different aspects of sex, dating, sexuality, etc. That got me thinking. This is mostly a personal blog, and I plan to keep it that way for the most part. However, there are so many different points of view about sex than just my own. I have always loved writing about my experiences and giving advice so that we open the dialogue about these topics more and more. Until we can get rid of a lot of the stigma that is placed on subjects that deal with sex, we will never be able to get over many of the prejudices that people have.

In thinking about this, I have approached a few people to write guest posts and some have agreed! So hopefully, you will be reading some fun and interesting things here soon! If you are also interested in writing about topics related to sex, relationships, and the Baltimore scene, please feel free to contact me at sexinbmore@gmail.com. You can stay anonymous or use your name – up to you! And I always promise to protect your identity.

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