Answering Your Questions – Week 2

Which would best describe you: 1. Angel on the outside, devil on the inside 2. Devil in and out (and loving every minute of it) 3. Angel in and out (but the horns do come out once in awhile)?
More than likely, I would say number three. Sure I like kinky play and I love sex, but mostly, I am a good girl. Most people probably see me as the stereotypical pretty, nice “girl-next-door” type – which I am. I have to clarify though, contrary to popular belief – nice does NOT equal boring – I am far from it (which I hope you see from reading this blog). Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to show people my more sexual side more publically, or to tell people about my certain sexual escapades. But, for now, and for many of the reasons I have talked about before, it is my closely guarded secret.
Have you ever been tied up when there are several other people watching you and talking about how to and preparing to use you sexually?
No I haven’t. But, I will say that it is a nice fantasy that I have thought about. So far, I have only been with men (no women) and only one-on-one. A three-some, more-some, etc. is something that my former Dom, Daddy J, was training me for. We just ended things before we got to that point. Hopefully someday I will get to experience this!
Do you enjoy being watched?
I touched a little bit on this in my article for Gutter Magazine this week when I was answering a guy who wrote to me about trying to get his girlfriend to masturbate in front of him more often. A while ago, I used to play sexually with a neighbor of mine, MP. Many times that I would go over there, he would love to ask me to just play with myself in front of him. More recently, Daddy J asked me to film myself when I played. I did and I watched it before I sent it. I didn’t like it. I wanted to trash it, but being a submissive to him, I had to do as I was told. He loved it and watched it all the time to get himself off. The act itself of being watched didn’t get me excited, but the fact that someone was watching me, getting turned on by me and something I was doing definitely got me all worked up. I love thinking of myself as a desirable object and sometimes that means being a little bit of an exhibitionist. 
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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    seems to be that you are too good to be real and too strong willed to be a submissive. some dom needs to put you in your place.

  2. I have been told more than once that I am like a unicorn – so I guess I take that as a compliment. 🙂

    As for too strong to be a submissive, I think you are mistaking a submissive for a doormat, which we are not. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of strength to be submissive and let go of control and put that trust in another person.

  3. Anonymous says:

    how does a dom get in touch with you. You seem to be safe behind this blog

  4. It is very easy to get me a message through this blog, through my Twitter at SexInBmore, or through my email which is I have never pretended to be hiding 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey you! There was alot more to why I liked to watch you fuck yourself. The enticement began when you walked through my door the very first time. I could tell how nervous you were as we sat in my living room and chatted. We then made it back to my bedroom and you stood by my bed. You got even more nervous as you began to get undressed while I watched you, remaining fully clothed. You then climbed onto my bed and lied on your back avoiding eye contact with me the whole time. I watched you fumble for your vibrator from your purse as the tension rose in the room. You turned the vibe on and it’s dull hum was almost deafening as you stuck it between your legs. You then opened your legs revealing your pussy to me. You were teasing it with your vibe as you stared hard straight up at the ceiling trying to maintain your concentration. All the while I leaned comfortably against my dresser, with my arms crossed, enjoying this little show.
    I then watched your nervousness and insecurity transform into total immersion within your arousal. And as that vibrator explored the depths of your pussy I was able to witness the depths of your sexuality… spread out naked and exposed on my bed. The first time you felt comfortable enough to make eye contact with me you cracked a little smile, that is when I knew you were really enjoying fucking yourself while I watched.
    I smiled too… because I knew too that, in a little while, it would be my turn to fuck you, and I was going to enjoy that too!

  6. Hey MP (the last Anonymous comment – I obviously know it is you). Not that you REALLY want to know this, but I came last night so hard after I read this comment you left again 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yea, it’s me. I remember that first night well. And once I got more comfortable watching I became more interactive and I started telling you what I wanted to see and how I wanted you to go about fucking yourself, remember that? I remember in the beginning I used to lay beside you and play with those amazing tits of yours while you used that vibrator on yourself. And then it got to me telling you to fuck youself fast or slow, and I wouldn’t let you cum until I felt you were ready. There were times you had to outright stop because you were so close to cumming but you didn’t want to disobey me. I loved watching that happen. I was so in control of the situation, and you were naked on my bed doing all the work fucking yourself for my pleasure. Man that made me feel good.
    And when I did finally let you cum… it was only because I couldn’t take it anymore and I was ready to fuck you. And then you know what happened then? I told you to do exactly what I wanted. And you were always so eager to please me…

  8. Anonymous says:

    sounds like you 2 had ur fun..

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