Beauty Inside And Out: Introduction

I follow lots of blogs that do giveaways in appreciation of their loyal readers and I always think to myself, “I should really do something like that!” I appreciate all of the support I get from all of my readers and I thank them all the time. But, I wanted to do more, I just didn’t know what I could do. This blog has changed gears a few times, but I finally feel like it is in a place that I really enjoy. Not only sharing my own experiences, but also promoting body positivity and sex positive actions. Although I believe beauty on the inside always shows on the outside, there are times that we also want to take care of the outside. I also believe sex positive is about the “whole person” so if we have physical things we want to “fix” or “change”, that isn’t necessarily wrong. It is only “wrong” to belive that they will prevent you from having the sex and love you truly deserve. So, what is my point here?

Every day, someone coments on how much younger I look than my actual age. Every time I am asked, “What do you do to make that happen?” I’ve thought a lot about that over the years, and it really isn’t a secret. First of all, I have a little bit of luck genetically. A lot of my family on both sides have pretty good skin, which is the foundation for most beauty tips. Don’t get me wrong – I had pimples all the time growing up (still get them now even), but they weren’t out of control and I was taught how to treat them at an early age. The only other major tips I have are I have never smoked, do not go tanning, and drink lots of water.

As for skin care, there are lots of miracle products out there that are hyped. Some work, some don’t. You don’t always have to spend a fortune to get a good product. What you do need to do is know the right people who have knowledge about what works. I have been lucky to have a few skin care experts in my life who have taught me the value of a) knowing your true skin type b) knowing what your skin needs and c) reading labels and doing the research to find the best products, regardless of price, to suit your skin care needs.

That’s when it hit me – I DO have something to offer my readers. I can give away some of the best beauty products that these skin care experts have recommended to me to all of you! I know what about half of you are thinking – I’m a guy, so I don’t need these skin care products. And that is where you are wrong. Good skin care is for both men and women. So, hopefully, about once a month (maybe more if I can), I will be hosting a Beauty Inside and Out Giveaway for my readers. Some will be for the outside, but I will also have some gems for what we need on the inside. I will be sure to find solutions for both men and women. Be prepared! First giveaway will begin Sunday October 19!

If you have specific “wish list” items or skin care problems or internal issues you want to address, please leave them here in the comments section and I will be sure to address them or find products for the future giveaways!

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