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He Needed Me

Technically, the events of this post came before those of my last post I Needed Him. But I think that was a stronger piece, so I led with it. Also related, is this funny...


I Needed Him (Funny Tweet)

After I wrote and posted my latest blog post I Needed Him, I rememebered tweeting about it that night. I went back into my timeline and found it. Too funny!

I Needed Him 1

I Needed Him

It was such a cold and blustery Saturday. I had only been back from my vacation for a week but it felt like I did not even get a break at all. I did...

Risk Can Bring Some Rewards 17

Risk Can Bring Some Rewards

Take a chance. Take a chance. That is what my brain kept telling me that night as Scott was texting me. I didn’t know him at all except for the fact that he texted...