Dating: I Met Someone (Part One)

After a while sitting on the sidelines, I tried to start dating again this past summer. As many of you know, if you follow me on Twitter, I’m not afraid to live update a date that has gone awry. Unfortunately for me, that happened all too often. There was the guy who had pictures on his online dating profile that were 5 years old (and looked nothing like that guy I actually met face-to-face). There was the guy who kept talking about his job, his car, how much money he made. Then there was the guy who barely spoke at all, but at the end of the night still tried to hook up. I really felt like my choice to try and put myself out there again was a huge mistake. I almost started to wonder if I was the problem.

Then, at a concert with some girl friends, I ran into a guy (R) that I had met about ten years ago. We had gone on a couple dates (nothing major), but he told me he wanted to get back with his ex-girlfriend, and that ended it all. It was sort of nice to see him again, except for the fact that he didn’t even remember me. At first he thought I was joking that we had gone out before (let alone 3 dates). I, for better or worse, have a pretty good memory, so I told him a couple of facts that I remembered. He was still not recalling, and I know I am not that forgettable, so I took that as a sure sign that it was definitely not meant to be. A little embarrassed, I told him to take care and started to walk away.
However, he seemed newly interested. Before I could turn away he smiled and said, “Trust me, I think I would remember going out with someone as beautiful as you.” I laughed thinking he was just using a cheesy line. Being sarcastic like I can be, I said, “Well, count this as a first, because you don’t. Anyway, nice to see you are doing well -take care.” As I took one step away, he gently grabbed my arm and pleaded for me to at least give him my number so we could possibly talk again sometime. Reluctantly, I gave it to him, thinking it would just get me away from my humiliation faster and surely thinking he would never use it.

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