Dating: OK, Date 1 Approaches (Part 2)

The very next night, my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number so I of course just let it go to voice mail and kept watching Dexter. After the show was over and I listened to the message, I was surprised to hear it was R. I wasn’t really sure I was going to call him back. I called my friend and she thought it was a bad idea to call him back so I decided not to return the call. The past would remain past. The next day, I kept thinking about the message though. He sounded sincerely interested in talking to me. But maybe that was just to pad his ego for not remembering me. I went back and forth about what to do, but finally decided to hear him out and I called him back.

We talked for well over an hour. It was a lot of fun banter back and forth and catching up about mutual acquaintances, what we have been doing with our lives, etc. But one of the nice things was we talked more about who we both were now, not about how we were back then. He did admit, however, to being rather immature and not really relationship material back then, and made it a definite point to tell me he had learned a lot and matured over the past ten years. I know I have done the same myself, but it was refreshing to hear his honesty.
He told me he had re-prioritized a lot of things in his life and that he was looking for a more long-term relationship right now. I told him that I wasn’t completely sure what I was looking for at the moment, but he did not seem deterred. It all almost felt like it was a little too good to be true, but I detected the sincerity in his voice. He convinced me, after a lot of good conversation to at least go out with him once. He wanted one chance to not only say that he had matured, but to show me what he is like now and to prove he wasn’t the guy who flaked out on me ten years ago. I hung up excited to see him that upcoming Friday night.

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