Ex-Factor: Step 1 – The Introduction

Thank you to all of you who not only commented publicly on my first post on this new endeavor, but those of you who tweeted me your support and emailed me your suggestions, warnings, funny stories, and ideas. Hearing from all of you is truly one of my biggest reasons for starting to write my blog in the first place. It is nice to know that not only are you enjoying what you are reading, but I hope, some of you will gain insight into your own lives as well, as I embark on this precarious search.

To begin, I needed to make a list of my ex-boyfriends that I thought I should try to reach out to. This wasn’t extremely hard, as my dating style tends to be one of a serial monagamist. I never was really good at “just dating around” and, usually, once I went on a few dates with a guy, we would develop a strong connection and would many times become exclusive pretty quickly. And, although I still keep in contact with some guys who I just dated a few times, I thought it would be better to focus on my longer-term relationships. This brought my list down to the following (code names have been appropriately created to protect all of the innocent and not-so-innocent involved):

1. LloydGuy: I have blogged about him before just a little, and I have definitely talked about him on Twitter, Instagram, etc.  He and I dated from my senior year of high school almost all throughout college. We always had a strong connection and did a LOT of growing up together. We are still in touch and still have an amazing friendship.

2. CoolDude: We were friends first, and after LloydGuy and I finally parted ways, he confessed his feelings for me and we attempted to make things work. This was a very transitional time in both of our lives as I believe we were both just looking for the next steps in life.

3. SouthernGentleman: His name is mainly not only because of where he originally grew up, but also because that is the stand-up guy he always was and for the most part continues to be.

4. SportsFan: A very romantic relationship that started on an unusual foot. Even though he rooted for the wrong teams, I enjoyed that he embraced my love of sports too.

5. MusicMan: Another example of a friendship that developed into something more. Even better, he was friends with many of my other friends already and he was great at making me smile.

6. SmallTownBoy: He was someone who grew up in many ways similar to me. Not to mention, we both worked in similar career fields.

7. Internet Friend: A casual relationship that surprisingly grew into something more.

8. JealousFellow: A guy who presented himself in a way that made you want to like him.

9. MissingPerson: The life of any party, he was also someone who could probably convince you to buy almost anything.

10. FunnyBone: My last serious relationship. We met through mutual friends, and, although we didn’t seem like we would work together on paper, we completely understood one another.

Now you have met them – the guys who hopefully guide me through this process of self-reflection. Stay tuned for more to come!


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