First Assignment Night (Hopefully of Many to Come)

Knowing that I would need to practice more with, well, let’s just say backend ass work, I decided to make a stop on the way home from work. I bought a small toy that was similar to one that my Daddy just bought and used with me. After taking care of the usual things at home, I went upstairs and undressed. I took my collar out and buckled it around my neck. I lied down on the bed and, with a little lubrication, placed the plug in my other hole asshole. I promised myself to keep it in for at least 20 minutes, as I was not sure how long I could really handle it. While I lied there, I reached up caressing my breasts and imagining my Daddy looking down at me with approval. After the 20 minutes I sat up and realized how wet my pussy cunt had become with excitement. I brought my Sexercise ball out of the closet and put on the rabbit vibrator attachment.
I gently squatted above the vibe and let it sit on my clit a little before slowly inserting it inside me and getting onto the ball.  I was very wet and I was very aroused. I started to ride slowly, however I started to get very close to cumming quite fast, so I had to slow down and sit for a minute – still feeling it throb inside me. My nipples were completely hard and sticking straight up. I pictured my Daddy pinching and pulling my hard nipples. As I would feel the pain, he would alternate with licking and kissing them as I was riding the ball. The pulsation on my clit became more intense and I could feel shivers in my spine and I was loving imaging Him standing in front of me, both stroking his hard cock and playing with my breasts, but also teasing me and bringing his cock so close to my mouth having me beg Him if I could suck it. It was at this time I texted Daddy:
                Me: Hello Daddy … I am asking your permission to cum tonight.
                Him (8 minutes later): Wait 20 minutes and ask again.
    Me: Yes Sir.
I slowly kept rolling back and forth on the ball, concentrating on holding back and just enjoying the slow rhythm. Those 20 minutes were tough to take, but as soon as they were up, I texted again:
Me: Hello Daddy … I am again asking your permission to cum tonight.
Him: Did you give your ass some practice?
Me: Yes Sir … I did.
Him: Are you close to cumming now?
Me: Yes, I am close.
Him: You can cum. Afterwards write me about your ass practice.
I felt my hips start to grind harder onto the ball and the vibe, imagining I was riding Him. I was dripping and pumping so hard on the ball begging to cum. As I was cumming, I pictured Daddy’s smile and could almost hear his voice, telling me that I was his good little girl. I lied back down on the bed and texted my Daddy to tell him all about everything that happened. When we were done, I drifted off to sleep, knowing my dreams would be of pleasing him even more.
Edits were made today as my Daddy has instructed me to use my words properly 🙂

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