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This week in my article at Gutter Magazine, I answered more questions from my readers. A lot of questions I get tend to get rather personal, which I am happy to answer, but I don’t do that in a public forum (unless you tell you specifically don’t mind – then all bets are off). I was talking with my former neighbor earlier this week, as we usually chat, and I asked him if he remembered the time we were together that he liked the most. As we were talking, I got the idea that the rest of you might be interested in his answer too. So, today is a guest blog post from my former neighbor, MP. 

Heya! So one of the times I remembered most was one of the few occasions we met up when the sun was still out, and one of the few times over in your apartment. It was a stupid hot Sunday afternoon in August. The two minute walk from my apartment building to yours was stifling. 
We were standing around in your bedroom talking with the lights off. The only light was coming through the slats of the white horizontal blinds. You were telling me about the concert you went to the day before and the sunburn you got. One of the fun parts of our relationship was that semi-awkward moment between idle chit-chat and us assuming our roles as D/s. So I waited for a pause in our conversation and I looked at you and I told you to get undressed. You stopped talking immediately and you did so in front of me. The silence in the room at that moment was only interrupted by the background noise of the air conditioner working hard to keep up. 
You kicked off your sandals, quickly removed your shorts and panties, and took off your tank top and unsnapped your bra. You stood there obediently with a cute little smile on your face. I pointed out your tan lines and you said that it was sore and you had been rubbing aloe vera on it all morning. “Oh yea? Show me.” I said. So you grabbed your lotion and you rubbed it on your body head to toe while I watched you. When you were done I moved in a little closer and started touching you, sliding my hands over your slick skin, touching you wherever I liked for a few minutes. This is something I always liked to do. If anything, just to remind you that I was your D and I was in control of you. 
I then put my hand on your shoulder and told you to get down on your knees. You obeyed. I looked down at you, you looked up at me. “Take down my shorts and suck me off.” You eagerly complied, and by the time my shorts were down and I stepped out of them I was already hard. As soon as your fingers were holding my cock and it was being licked by your tongue I was rock hard. I grabbed the back of your head and controlled your motion, and anytime I felt resistance from you I scolded you and then kept going. I really loved watching you sucking and loving my cock the way that you did. I knew you really loved doing that and that it was important to you. 
I couldn’t really take much more. The mood, the environment, the feeling was all too good. I had to fuck you or else I wasn’t going to last much longer. I had you lie on your back on the floor. I put on my rubber and slid my cock inside your pussy. I leaned over you and began fucking you. I remember it like it was yesterday. The light breaking in to the dark room through the blinds, the AC humming on, I was on top of you looking down. There you were on your back with ultra sexy pleasure/pain expression on your face you get when you are being fucked, holding your tits together for me, your legs pulled up and spread wide so that I could bury my cock deep. And I watched as I did. And I told you to watch too. And you did too. 
Usually I would tell you not to cum until I wanted you to but this time I wasn’t going to last and I knew it. Everything was too perfect and everything felt great. Fucking you like this was just too good to hold back. So I told you to cum all over my cock and you did so almost immediately and I began to fuck you harder. Near the end of your orgasm I leaned down and whispered to you, “I am going to cum on your face.” You looked at me, somewhat shocked but mostly excited and shook your head yes. I continued to fuck you some more and then I whispered to you, “Just lie there and stick out your tongue when I do. I am going to kneel over you.” You said ok. A couple of seconds later I pulled out and tore off my condom. 
I bounced off you and crawled up to your head. I straddled your face with one knee with the head of my cock about 6 inches away from your face. You looked up at me and I down at you as I was furiously stroking my cock bringing myself to orgasm. You could see that I was close because you stuck out your tongue wide ready to receive your gift. I held off to the absolute last second staring down intently. I started to moan trying to hold off but it was no use. I began to shoot my cum on your face and tongue repeatedly. You were obedient and receptive of it all as my cum landed on your face and in your mouth. Near the end of it you even had that cute little smile. 
As I finished you quickly grabbed my cock and began to give it love. I let go, rested and watched you. You sucked the last drops of cum out and you licked it clean. You stroked my cock gently and rubbed it against your face and the head over your pursed lips. After a few minutes I fell over collapsed. I looked down and saw that you were fingering your pussy. I asked you if you were still horny. You said that watching me cum always does that to you. I smiled and said I didn’t know that. I said that you could continue but I didn’t want you to wipe your face off and you said okay. So I watched you fuck yourself as I lied there catching my breath, and I got to see that sexy look on your face again. 
And that was the reason why I wanted to fuck you again so bad that very same night. Now you know… 
I love answering questions and hearing from you so feel free to drop me an email and be sure to also follow me on my Tumblr and Twitter, and at Gutter Magazine online.

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. None of your readers respond? Cat got their tongue? C’mon!!!

    If anyone out there is interested in SIBMore drop me a note. I have other stories to tell plus good advice on how to approach her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow… I only got one response to my post. What’s happened to your viewers? I was hoping for more buzz. I’m sorry babe. I guess my story wasn’t exciting enough. 🙁

  3. Sex In BMore says:

    I think you remember it very well 🙂 I am surprised you even got one person to write to you hehehe I didn’t ask you to write this to get people interested in me. I just thought it would be nice to get the perspective of someone who has been with me, both sexually and in a mostly dominant role. It is always a learning experience to see yourself in someone else’s eyes.

    As for your story, I can assure you that I think it was more than exciting enough for all of us 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    Look dude – are you trying to be like her pimp? I think the girl can handle herself and find her own sexy men without your help. You actually sound like you are just fishing for attention to boost your own ego. This is her blog. She invited you to write, not to run it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fuck yea man. Why dont you just go out with her agin if you liked her that much. Why did you break it off in the frist place?

  6. Sex In BMore says:

    Hey! No meanness or fighting on my blog! MP & I had some bad timing and then he met, fell in love with, and married his wife. No regrets.

    Lost of my ex-boyfriends & former lovers are still my friends and I like it that way. I know there is someone out there for me & I hope to find him someday. I just am not willing to settle 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ouch guys! I wasn’t meaning anything by it. I was only trying to get her readers to get off their hands and post on her blog. The activity here has dropped down to essentially nil, which is sad. She is an amazing lady who is committed to being an S, but has real crappy luck finding anyone… and I mean anyone.
    I was only trying to help. 🙁

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oooooh! That was a beautiful story! I loved it! (Except for the rubber part. We all know that’s a reality of modern life, but it’s not something we like to think about 😉

  9. Why thank you! It was certainly fun to reminisce. She and I had some great times together. Sex with her was… Fun! It was as easygoing as it sounded in my post. Yep.. the most complicated part was the condom.. ha!

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