Guest Post: Smashing

Hello, my lovelies! Sally here and I am excited to introduce you to a new guest author on the site – Two Waves. She and I are very close and I adore her with all of my heart. I hope you get to know her and love her as well!

On Saturday night, I went out alone looking for, as my friend would say, someone to smash.  I went out early to scope the scene and, within an hour, a guy came up to me at the bar and tried to strike up a conversation.  He was awkward, older than I would have liked, but seemed nice and had gorgeous eyes.  So, I chatted with him.  He was there with his sister and her husband, sitting at a table.  As I was sitting at the bar, he was the one who offered to get the drinks just so we could talk.

 As the evening progressed, I could tell he was getting drunk.  I was drinking slow as I was driving so I noticed the change in his demeanor immediately.  He went from wanting to take me out on a date to wanting to take me home with him in about 90 minutes.  Again, while he was not my type, I agreed to leave with him.  He did not live close and I did not want to take him to my house so we got a room.  And more alcohol on the way.
Once we got into the room, his awkwardness became more noticeable.  He immediately went to kiss me and it was jarring, to say the least.  He shoved his tongue in my mouth like some inexperienced teenager.  He was 45 years old; he should have known better,.  Also, he eyed me up and down, deciding how he was going to “devour” me.  Regardless, I let him undress me and we got down to it.  As he went down on me, that inexperienced tongue came into play again.  He kept missing the mark but wanted no guidance from me. It was terrible and I had trouble even pretending to enjoy it. Then, it came time for the actual sex.
 Normally, I would have returned the favor by going down on him, but all he wanted to do was please me, so I let him try. When it came time to fuck, I was interested to see what would happen.  I smoke and he kept telling me I would need a cigarette after.  I was dying to see what he had.  I could feel that he was big but that doesn’t mean anything.  I waited to see if he had game.  He started out great.  I was actually really into it.  However, things quickly turned around when he opened his mouth.
He suddenly became like a sports announcer giving the play-by-play.  He kept telling me how wet I was, which I already knew.  He also kept telling me to remember his name if I called out ” Oh God”. He also told me when I was getting ready to cum, again something I already knew.  Then, out of nowhere, he told me he wanted to be held afterwards.  It was at that exact moment, I knew I had to leave.  It was a random hook up and he wanted to be held and loved?!  As he had massive whiskey dick from drinking, we took a break and, luckily, my phone went off.
I grabbed my phone, faked a family emergency, and told him I had to go.  Since I had driven to the hotel, I had to drop him back off at the bar and hope his ride was still there.  He tried calling them but they didn’t answer.  I dropped him off and drove away, feeling kind of bad, but not really.  This guy clearly did not know the random hook up rules.  Sadly, I had given him my number, my real number, and he used it the next day.  Luckily, I didn’t answer because I didn’t know the number.  He did leave me a message which I promptly deleted.  Am I a bad person?  No. Guys do this to girls all the time. Do I have any regrets?  Not a one.

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