He Needed Me

Technically, the events of this post came before those of my last post I Needed Him. But I think that was a stronger piece, so I led with it. Also related, is this funny Twitter exchange about that one night in December.

He needed me. Scott texted me telling me all that happened to him recently and I knew. I knew he needed me. He needed a release as much as I did. I had said that I was going to deny myself orgasm that weekend. But – he needed me. Was I mentally prepared to please him? That would be selfish thinking – of course it isn’t about me. It is about pleasing him. And he really needed me. So – of course I followed every direction to a tee.

He was texting me and getting me completely turned on while my friend who is completely unaware of this side of me was driving me home from dinner. I have pictures of his beautiful cock on my phone and he was reminding me of that. I was trying to stay calm so my friend would not notice. I now had my instructions for what I would do as soon as I got home and I couldn’t wait.

So once I entered my house I began to undress right at my door as he had requested. I took a self video of my taking it all off as he wanted and sent it via text. I went up to my bed and lied down – completely naked. I have to admit – I was nervous and anxious. What was he going to require of me next? And whatever it was – I had to do it. I mean, most people would say that I don’t have to do anything.  But, we have that D/s connection and I enjoy doing as he says. And in that dynamic, that means obeying him to the fullest.

He asked me to send him another video of me – proving that I was lying on my bed and had no clothing on, so I did. My phone rang just shortly after that and I heard his commanding voice asking me, “What are you?” He always asks me this. I paused and he asked again, more firmly, “What are you?” and my answer flew out of my mouth right away: “I’m your little whore daddy!” Wait – What did I say? Do I want to be his whore? I pushed the doubts out of my mind because I did not want to think about it at the time. Just knowing that he wanted me to be his whore was enough to convince me that all of this was what I wanted to do for him.

He commanded that I start playing with my pussy; asking how wet I was, how turned on I was, and sometimes just listening to my moans of pleasure. But then he played up to his favorite command.

Scott: “Are you ready for it?”
Me: “Oh, Yes Daddy”
Scott: “1 … 2 … 3 …”

And after hearing “three” I have to hold the phone close to my pussy and open-hand slap it hard. He likes to hear the noise of me slapping, but I think he loves more how excited it gets me. I love the feeling of a hard impact against my pussy and clit. This time, I was so excited for him that I almost orgasmed right then and there. He knows me well enough that he sensed it. So, of course he continued to have me slap my pussy until I was begging for him to let me cum. I could hear his excitement. He was listening to my orgasm and knowing that he was the impetus of it all. I know he was feeling good and taking pride in working me into a frenzy.

I came twice for him. And I believe he enjoyed each one and that it was all for him. But I must admit that I always enjoy cumming on command for someone.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    is he in to sharing u? has he talked about that?

    • Interesting thought. The fact is, he does not “own” me. We are not dating, nor am I exclusive to him. He has brought up wanting to have a threesome with me and another woman (he has experienced this, I have not).

  2. Anonymous says:

    That should be exciting for you. what a way to please him. Has he said about other men?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have u met up with him again ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    So you hsvent?

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