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Welcome! I’ve been looking forward to this post with my newest blog contributor, Clooney, for a while now. We have worked hard on it, so we hope you enjoy our accounts of what took place November 16, 2012.

Italics = SexInBmore
Regular = Clooney

I really hadn’t planned on going out at all that Friday night. It was a LONG and frustrating day at work and most of my friends had their usual “date nights. But then he asked if I finally wanted to meet up. I quickly agreed, choosing a place that was familiar to me and that I knew people would be at. I don’t know why I was so nervous. We’ve talked for a long time and gotten into some very personal discussions, so one would think meeting Clooney face-to-face would be a piece of cake. I arrived and located him seated at the bar almost immediately. I said hello to the owner who greeted me with a hug and walked up to let him know I was here.
The bartender gave me a sideways eye when I pulled up to the counter and ordered a water.  Little did he know that I had been drinking before I got there and didn’t want to be completely out of it when I met SexInBmore for the first time.  It’s a funny thing meeting someone for the first time.  You have a rush of excitement, then a crash of doubt.  I sat there nursing my H2O, pretending to care about the latest NBA scores.  Occasionally I’d look around the bar, wondering if she was watching me.  Judging if I was worthy of meeting.  Could she be the old Asian woman sitting in the corner, sipping on wine?  What about the redhead laughing a little too hard at a joke her friend just told her?  Maybe she was the tall, imposing gentleman sitting two seats over and I was about to have a totally different experience than I expected?  I got lost in my thoughts.  I mentally went through a number of her posts, putting together a quick mental map of SexInBmore.  Was she as sexual in real life as she was in person?  How about her…I felt a tap on my right shoulder that broke my concentration, and I spun around to see her.
When he turned around he gave a quick smile and welcomed me to sit next to him. I took off my coat and placed it on the back of my chair, but also making sure that my outfit was adjusted properly and that I didn’t look a mess. I immediately got a little self-conscious that my shirt may have been a little too low cut, but once I saw him glance down at the girls, I knew I had made a smart choice. Two things I noticed right off the bat: his eyes and his smell. I have to admit, I place a great deal of importance on looking people in the eye. I really do believe that you can tell a lot about a person just by holding their gaze. When he smiled, his eyes lit up, and I could see the person I had been engaging in witty banter with for so long. He smelled amazing: Slightly musky, semi-sweet, but very masculine. I tried to put that out of my mind as I could already tell he was probably the type of guy I was not going to be able to resist. I can be shy when I first meet someone, even though I felt like we really knew each other already. But I could almost feel his confidence beam from him, which definitely made me feel more at ease. I introduced him to the bartender and we each ordered a drink.
I don’t know if it’s because I was looking for it or I was turned on by the many posts I’ve read, but SexInBmore exhales sexuality.  She’s confident in it and I immediately knew I was in trouble.  She sat down and we chatted.  Mostly, I asked questions and tried not to get caught enjoying the view of her cleavage.  I won’t divulge her answers but she definitely was funny, witty, and insightful.  I thought to myself, “This isn’t so bad.  Why was I so nervous?”  We enjoyed a drink.  Then we enjoyed a few more.  I could feel my gaze holding on her a little longer, her casual touches a little more drawn out.  It didn’t take long for our friend chat to turn into friendly laughter.  That friendly laughter turned into a quick kiss on the ear.  That kiss on the ear turned into a kiss on the lips.  I didn’t feel out of place suggesting we go back to her home to continue the fun.  She agreed and I led her hand to reveal something I’d had since she sat down: A very hard dick.
I really am not normally the one to make the first move, but after a couple drinks we were talking and laughing. I felt almost like our chairs began to get closer together on their own, even though I know that neither one had moved. It was us; we were moving closer like a magnetic force pulling us. I leaned in and gave him a small kiss on the ear. I don’t know what came over me and I immediately thought I might have blown it. Not sure how he was going to take it, I apologized and told him I couldn’t resist just trying it. His eyes spoke to me and told me that he was not at all sorry that I had done it. In fact, I could sense that there was a strong chemistry building and building and soon it was going to take over. At that moment, I knew I was done for but I wasn’t sure how it would all play out. Just like a man that knows what he wants, he guided my hand discreetly into his lap to let me know that his excitement had been growing, too. Feeling his hard cock through his pants turned my panties completely wet. I could feel the throbbing in my pussy get stronger and we decided to move forward.
The trip to her house was a blur.  I was focused on one thing at this point and nothing was swaying me from accomplishing it.  As we walked up to her door, my hands became more and more active, feeling and groping on her.  Her smile let me know that I was on the right path. We made our way to her bedroom.  Finally I got to see the grand stage where her deepest fantasies were made!  We quickly undressed and I was able to enjoy her soft skin, unhampered by any clothing.  I started with her face, showering her with light kisses until I got to her mouth.  Then they became deeper.  My hands found her incredible breasts, nipples hard in anticipation.  I pulled her hair to the side, kissed her neck, and quickly made my way to her tits.  It was here I first heard her moan.  That sound alone made me harder.  Her hands were busy gripping my dick, stroking, driving me crazy.  Any question I had about her sexuality was quickly answered when I rolled over and she went down on me.
Luckily I didn’t live far. Every time he touched me I could feel the need inside me growing more and more. His hands continued to wander as we approached my home. Once upstairs in my bedroom, we wasted no time. We were like hungry teenagers who were just discovering someone else’s body for the first time. He took my clothes off me and quickly stripped down until it was just my skin on his. Kissing him and feeling him tight against me, I could feel the wetness starting to drip in anticipation on my thighs. He laid me down on the bed and explored my hot skin with kisses. Then he got to my neck – my weakness. If a guy can kiss my neck and ears just so, I completely melt into him. Then he moved his mouth down and took one of my nipples into his mouth. Sucking it, licking it, and then finally nibbling it. I felt that sharp ping of pain when he first bit down, but I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. He was taking his time and teasing me now and I was finding it more difficult to take. I kept grasping for his cock – I wanted him to feel as amazing as he was making me feel. Finally, he let me when he moved to lie on his back and I quickly took his hardness in my mouth.
Whoa.  Nothing is more sexy than a woman who is confident in her blow job skills.  If I didn’t use all my strength to focus and roll her over, I would have came from that within moments.  Looking into her eyes I held her arms over her head and felt on her body, letting my hand rest on a her very warm, very wet pussy.  She grabbed at me, her eyes and mouth pleading for me.  This was a woman who knew what she wanted and was going to have it.  She wasn’t looking for a sweet, nice time.  She wanted the neighbors to hear the fun we were about to have.  Sliding into her was easy.  Her moans grew louder and louder, my thrusting became harder and harder.  I admit that watching her climax was a huge turn on.  The second time, even more so.  I flipper her over so she was on all fours and kept at it.  I was taken back by her mastery of dirty talk.  She’s all she says she is online and more. Not being able to take any more, I rolled over and she went to work on my cock.  I don’t have the words to accurately describe her technique.  I came with such force, the room spun, my eyes crossed, and it was several minutes before I could form a coherent statement. All the while she was still working her mouth around me, her tongue darting along my shaft.
I felt so free with him and I was so focused on pleasing him that when he swiftly flipped me onto my back, I hardly noticed. I gasped a bit as he entered me. He felt so good and I almost came immediately, but I tried to hold back to wait for him. The dirty talk was amazing and he definitely can hold up his share. e knew every button to push and every place to touch. Every thrust took me closer and closer until I couldn’t hold back anymore and I climaxed. I knew he enjoyed watching me from the frantic motion of his thrusts getting more eager and deeper. I could feel his cock grow inside me and I knew he was close, so I quickly took his cock back in my mouth and took every drop of his cum down my throat, continuing to lick him clean.
Funny enough, I was still hard.  Neither one of us wanted to stop so Round 2 started where Round 1 left off.  I pounded her from every position, her moans loud as ever.  We were losing count the times she was cumming, but her wetness was a good indication that I was doing something right.  It was when I was getting her ready for doggy that I felt something shoot out of her.  Yes, she had squirted.  We shared a quick laugh and it was back to fucking.  Instead of her sucking me off this time, I just pulled out and came over her stomach and chest.  She smiled and rubbed it in, a huge turn on.  She knew what she was doing and she was having fun doing it.
I had never squirted before so I didn’t even know I was capable of it. When he told me I was initially embarrassed and we laughed about it. He told me how it turned him on and I told him that whatever he just did to make it happen, he could do it again and again. When he finished on me I could see the pleasure and release he was getting to see me play with it a little. Although I had climaxed more than a few times by that point I still just felt such a charge with him. But I was pretty sure we were both spent by that point.
I collapsed on the bed and, like a good girl, she cleaned up my dick. Something interesting happened.  I got hard again.  This time we switched it up.  I got on top of her, my hard member in her face, and gave her directions on how to please me.  She obeyed to perfection. “Open your mouth.”  “Put out your tongue.”  Her alluring eyes keeping my focus.  She only choked once when I was a little too enthusiastic jamming myself down her throat and she even did that sexily.  I could feel myself starting to climax, I pulled out and came on her face; an incredible sight to behold.
I have to admit – it was incredibly sexy the way he looked down at my face covered in his cum. HOT!
I was spent.  I didn’t have the energy to even thank her as she cleaned me off for a third time.  I stared at the ceiling wondering, “Wow.  Whatever I did to deserve that, I’m glad I did it!”  We shared relaxed conversation and I could only think that she not only talks the talk but walks the walk.  I closed my eyes and the last thing that went through my head was, “I hope we get to do this again.”

After he left, I lied in bed smiling, still completely naked, running over all of that night’s events in my head. It was nothing I had expected hours before, but everything I needed and wanted at that moment. I could imagine still feeling his hands all over me and how incredible his body felt pressed up against mine. I drifted off to sleep simply thinking, “This has to happen again. And soon.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Did this really happen? If so, can I be next? You have always been sexy to me as I read your stuff but now I think your gonna have to be my go to fantasy this Clooney guy better know how god he got it with ya

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is long but super hot sweety. i wants some of this sugar for me. you gotta spread the luv

  3. Anonymous says:

    this clooney kid is so lucky to be able to experience what we all wish we could. i can tell how hot you are just from your writing & pics

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am very proud of you! -your former neighbor

  5. Only Dates says:

    Amazing post and we can see why you are putting it forward for the ‘Amazing post award’ at Only dates!

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