Holiday Treats and Lessons: Part I

We had been talking and planning for this day for a few weeks now. We were supposed to get together over the winter break, but due to family obligations, it didn’t happen. So, Sunday January 9, 2011 had been circled in red on my calendar as the day I had been working towards for the past few years. Daddy told me he had purchased me a collar and was going to put it on me. I knew what a big step this was and I knew that not only did I want it so badly; I had really put myself out there for him. He also told me he had purchased a couple of other items to play with, so I was intrigued.
He texted me that morning asking if I had gotten out my tripod. Yes, he wanted to film this for the first time I quickly texted back:
Me: Got it!
Daddy: Yes, Sir 😉
Me: Yes Sir 🙂
Daddy: Clearly, you’re ready for a session
I tingled with anticipation. I made sure to thoroughly shave my cunt clean and smooth, put on nice lotion, and put on my robe as he requested. I also put on some extra eye makeup, as he likes to see the mess he makes of me as I work so hard for him.
As soon as he arrived, I noticed his winter ritual had returned; he was growing out his beard. I normally do not like facial hair on a man, but it just suits him so well and I love when he is rugged like that. We embraced and he kissed me and we immediately headed upstairs to the bedroom to begin my lesson. He placed the bag he was carrying on the chair in my room and said with a sly grin, “I guess this is like an anti-Santa bag.” I smiled and stated simply, “Well, that depends on how I look at it!”
He told me to drop my robe and I stood there naked as he unpacked his tools. He took each item out of the bag and laid it gently on my dressing table. First out was a simple spreader bar that could be attached to my ankles. Next, was a long, thin, black cane. The new butt plug was placed next to that and then a makeshift ball gag, along with plastic ties. The final object was the one I was waiting for – my collar. You can all see how proud I am of it as the banner of this blog is an actual picture of me wearing my collar. He asked me to gently life up my hair, as he buckled it and secured it around my neck. He stood back for a moment, admiring my vulnerable state and the new symbol of his control over me – now it was clear to the eye that I was fully his.
To be continued tomorrow … you KNOW you want to hear what happens next …

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You obviously aren’t trained that well or you would have finished the story. Either you are a man pretending that a woman like this exists (she doesn’t – trust me) or you are just a cum guzzling slut who is romantically dreaming.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As far as I see you are a very good girl that does exactly what she is told. I do like that in a woman

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