Holiday Treats and Lessons: Part II

Continued from yesterday, you may want to read the beginning here, before moving on … 🙂

He took of his shirts and had me kneel on the edge of the bed. The zipper of his pants was just at my eye level and so close I could smell every essence of him. I was automatically smiling, knowing I wanted to rip his pants off and attack him, but I held back for permission. He looked down at me, so pleased and I am sure he knew what I wanted more than anything. He unzipped his pants and asked if I wanted something. I told him, “Yes Daddy – I want to suck you.” “Good girl,” he smiled and took his pants off and set them to the side as I took his hardness into my mouth.
I kept sucking him feeling him grow and get more excited. As I was getting more aggressive sucking him, he pulled my head back and slapped my face to remind me I was not the one in control. After a while longer, he told me to turn around and get on all fours. He attached the spreader bar to each of my ankles and my buttocks were exposed and facing him, so I was pretty sure what was next. He loves to admire my ass, but he loves to gaze at it longer after he has worked it for a bit.
He started with just spankings with his bare hands. I love the initial burn of the contact of his hand against my bottom – I have to admit it. Then, I heard the slow movement of him removing the belt from his pants that he had already removed. And I knew. It wasn’t just any belt – It was my belt – the one he has only spanked me with – the one that no one else has felt snapping against her skin. He asked me, “Do you know what is in my hand?”
            Me: “Yes Daddy.”
            Daddy: “What is it?”
            Me: “My belt.”
            Daddy: “Yes – and do you want it?”
            Me: “Yes Daddy,”
And the thrashes began, stinging and erotic. I kept as stoic as I could, trying to take each lash with the care I know he was intending. But, then he paused. And I fearfully knew what was next – that which we had not tried yet – the thin, black wrapped cane.
It came so quickly and so sharply, I was not fully prepared for how it would sting. And sting it did with every little snap. But also, at this point, Daddy felt the need to put the big, black butt plug in my asshole. It became harder to take each strike as the uncomfort was growing and I know he wanted me to hold the plug in my ass,
But then, the larger challenge came, he took my smaller rabbit ear vibe (Oh – did I forget to mention that I was required to keep all of my vibrators out on my nightstand at his disposal? Well, I was) and he turned it on, and made me put it against my clit. Of course, obeying him as I do, I did as I was told. While I was playing with my clit, he would pat the plug deeper into my asshole. He asked me to cum and I did. But he wouldn’t let me stop there. He made me keep fucking myself. It was so hard to stay upright and keep from screaming more. But – I did and came again even harder. As I came this time, the plug actually was pushed out from my asshole and fell to the ground. Embarrassed and nervous for punishment, I braced myself for punishment.
He moved quickly, pulled me back around to face him, again kneeling on the bed, and placed the ball gag he had crafted around my mouth and also cuffed my hands together with the plastic ties he brought. He forced me to kneel up straight as he stood back and admired his bindings. I was worried how messy and awful I thought I looked as he stood back to inspect me. He simply smiled so happily, admiring his work. He also honestly stated, “You look so beautiful there as you should be. Waiting for me.” And in that moment, I felt more beautiful than I had in so long. He was so pleased with my honest excitement and admiration for him, he quickly rewarded me by moving swiftly behind me and almost immediately thrust his cock deep into my asshole and began fucking me, furiously.

No matter how much it hurts when he enters my ass, it still feels so good knowing that I am able to make him feel so good. Since it had been a while since we have been together, I know how tight my ass was, and how close I was making him cum. He swung back to the front of me and had me suck him off. After a bit, he started to jerk off in my face and had me close by and then told me to bring my face closer. He came so hard and all over my face and tongue. Unfortunately, I didn’t move as quickly as I wanted to, so some of his cum missed my face, but I was able to catch most of his gloriousness and even to swallow some. I sat there as he admired me covered in his triumph, until he cleaned me up and he cuddled up next to me on the bed. As I rested my head happily on his naked, strong shoulder and kissed him thankfully, we watched his conquest of me once again on his camera playback and discussed life’s complexities. Enjoying each other thoroughly and embracing our closeness for the moments we had left that day.

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  1. Maj. G says:

    Ooooooooh…I wish I could see that footage.

  2. HaHa! So sorry – that is just for us and our pleasure. 🙂

  3. prettyprimal says:

    Your a lucky lil girl! 🙂

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