I Am Simply Honored

Three years ago, someone nominated this blog for a Mobbie Award from the Baltimore Sun. I was in complete shock that anyone was actually reading what I had to say here, let alone that a mainstream media outlet would ever consider a blog with sensitive topics like the ones I write about. That very first year (the third annual of the Mobbies), we won for Best Reader Engagement. I said it then, I truly felt like Sandra Bullock in “Miss Congeniality” – A fish out of water. Last year, when we were nominated again for Best Personal Blog, we didn’t think we had a chance. We actually came in second, so I was again humbled to be considered. This year, nominations came down once again, and this time kids, we won Best Personal Blog.

So, since I am “anonymous” and could not make a speech, here are my thank you notes. Sorry they won’t be as amusing as Jimmy Fallon’s, but I will attempt to make you smile just the same.

To You! My Readers
I honestly thought when I started writing that no one would want to read what I wrote. In addition to that, even if people did read it, I didn’t know that they would connect with me as much as they have. Over time, so many of you have written to me and showed your amazing support and understanding. I have loved being able to answer your questions, listen to your advice and maybe give you some of my own, share silly Snapchats, have late night Kik pep talks, talk about General Hospital on Google Chat, have discussions on Twitter and just be a part of the great Baltimore community. I mean it when I say that I truly care for all of you. I would like to make a pact with all of you: Keep writing to me, keep inspiring me, and keep after me and, in return, I will keep writing and entertaining you. I think it is a pretty sweet deal, don’t you?

To The City That Breeds and Mobtown Meat Snacks
I know this seems like an odd thank you, but it isn’t. If you aren’t listening to The City That Breeds podcast, you are missing out. Many times I listen as I’m writing, and they never fail to keep me entertained. Plus, they are good people and have supported this blog since that first Mobbies – even before they knew who wrote it. So for that, I am very thankful. Also happy that they didn’t stop supporting me once they got to know me. Evan, Dennis, Casey, Elaine – I salute YOU true patriots! As for the homemade beef jerky? It is incredible, high quality, and delicious. Next order is coming this week!

To My Guest Bloggers
Thanks to HotSexInABox and Clooney for writing guest posts. It’s nice to have the perspective of other voices here. I am committed to continuing the open conversations on sex so that we can make a change in this uptight society. Your writing helps me do just that and your friendship means a lot to me.
Please go to see the full list of Mobbies award nominees and winners here and keep the Baltimore Social Media community thriving! Thank you once again **Kisses**
Also, if you are interested in joining me and writing a guest post, please feel free to email me and we can discuss options.

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