I Made a Mistake

As I have stated, my assignment this week is to text Daddy each night if I was masturbating to ask permission if I could cum. Last night, after a very erotic day (I wrote about it yesterday), decided to hold off and not masturbate. I went to sleep early and I did not hear my phone. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that Daddy had texted me and I hadn’t answered. I quickly sent him an apology. But, as I know, mistakes have consequences. He informed me that the next time we are together, I will have to take 20 lashes of the cane. So, learning my lesson, and vowing to do better from now on.

I would love to hear from other submissives and Doms about punishment and expectaions. I am learning so much and have found many of you so supportive in sharing – I really appreciate it! 🙂

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