I Needed Him

It was such a cold and blustery Saturday. I had only been back from my vacation for a week but it felt like I did not even get a break at all. I did a lot of soul searching and thinking during that time, but I still had not come up with all of my decisions. Scott knew I was out of town and texted me a few times while I was there. I think he could tell I was going to my “introspective” place. Then, that Saturday, he texted me telling me he would be in my area if I wanted him to stop by. I got giddy. I really wanted to see him, but I knew the weather was only getting worse and I did not want him to have to drive home in the ice. He, as he always does, made me state what I wanted. He does not allow me to say things like “whatever you would like.” He makes me demand my needs. That’s very different for me as a submissive, but he is still very dominant with me.

He instructed me to be ready for him. I was to unlock my door, be naked on my bed, and masturbating when he arrived. I of course followed orders. When he got here, he came upstairs, leaned down and kissed me and said, “I can already smell your sex. It’s amazing.” He reached his hand down and fingered along with me and my vibe. He could tell I was close and he wrapped his hand around my throat, choking me a little and demanded that I cum. It didn’t take me long as I was already on the edge. His hand around my throat excited me more than I ever thought as I pulsated to orgasm.

Slyly smiling, knowing his effect on me, he then took off his pants. I got on all fours on the bed to suck him. I looked up at him as I took him deep into my mouth and he smiled looking down at me, telling me I was a good girl. Occasionally, he would pull his cock out and slap my face with it, reminding me of his power over me.

I turned around and remained on all fours so he could fuck me from behind. Once he entered me I gasped as he completely filled me up. Thrusting into me so hard and deep he made me cum so hard almost immediately. I was so soaking wet and tight that he would slip out, but I was determined to do one thing with him that he had yet to let me do. I had to make him cum. He still had not let me make him cum in person and I wanted that reward. I wanted to make him explode.

He lied down on the bed and I mounted him and began to ride him. He still had his shirt and tie on which made things that much more dirty. He would keep reaching up, playing with my breasts; pinching them and sucking them in turn. I don’t know if it was a new orgasm or just a continuation of the one I had just experienced, but I felt my clit rub between his cock and my body and I was at the brink once again. Held held my hips and and looked up and me. He knew exactly what was happening and he smiled and grunted “Cum for me my little whore!” The waves of tingling went right down into my toes and I could feel my release.

I collapsed next to him and we playfully cuddled and kissed, my face contently fitting in the crease between his neck and strong shoulder. Both of us enjoying my after-glow, both still aroused and enjoying the dirty banter. I had still not achieved my main goal. I thought it might not happen this time, yet again. But I was still content.

He surprised me as he stood up and motioned me to come to the edge of the bed. He told me, “I came here for you. I could tell you really needed this. And I wanted to please you. But I also know there is something else you really want.” I was so excited I immediately took his cock back into my mouth and began. But then, he took it out and nuzzled my face into his lap and moved his cock against my face. I was breathing heavily and every time I tried to take him back into my mouth, he would not allow it. It was so frustrating, knowing it was right there, but I could not have it. My desire built up even more, feeling every movement against my cheek. I now knew that I needed to make him cum.

He eventually once again allowed me to suck him again and I was in ecstasy, feeling him get larger with every thrust. I could feel him ready, and as soon as he was, he pulled out and came all over my face. Finally, my reward for serving him. A gift I truly appreciated and one I knew now that he thought I deserved. He looked down at me before cleaning us up and smiled and said “So pretty – good girl.”

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    […] the events of this post came before those of my last post I Needed Him. But I think that was a stronger piece, so I led with it. Also related, is this funny Twitter […]

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