January Training – Part I

We had made a point to try to have more lessons in 2011. I had so enjoyed our first one this year, and we started perparing for the next session almost right after the first. I had been doing my homework assignments and he had purchased some new toys and implements he wouldn’t tell me about. I do like surprises sometimes, but I can be an impatient little girl, too. I also had earned 40 lashes of the cane over the past few weeks that I knew I was going to have to take. I was extremely nervous for them, but I was too excited to finally spend some time with Daddy again that I quickly put it out of my head.
He texted me that morning letting me know that traffic was tough, but that at 10:45, I was to put my collar on and put my plug in and await his arrival. As soon as he arrived, I carefully got up and walked to the door as it had been 30 minutes with my plug, and I did not want it to fall out. We embraced and he kissed me. He told me to turn around and he lifted up my robe to inspect the plug. He spanked my ass twice and said, “Good Girl – let’s go upstairs.”
He told me to drop my robe and I stood there naked as he unpacked his tools once again. He took each item out of the bag and laid it gently on my dressing table. He had me sit on the edge of the bed and he placed cuffs on my wrists and ankles. The next step was to connect clips to pull my ankles together and other clips to pull my wrists together. He propped my pillows up and told me to get on all fours and place my face into the pillows. He handed me my smaller bunny vibe and told me, “You are to cum three times with this before I am done installing the hook. Do you understsand?” I smiled nervously and said, “Yes Sir.” I can cum pretty quickly using the bunny vibe, and I know I can cum twice, but I knew three times might be difficult. But he knew this and that is part of my training for him.
He set up the camera at the bottom of the bed to film me masturbating. He proceeded to get out the tools and began to install an eye hook in my ceiling and my wall. Since we had decided to commit to more lessons, we also decided to make my room a little bit more play friendly. Very quickly, the first wave came over me; I had been so worked up just waiting for him that I began to cum quickly. It was difficult to keep my vibe on my clit right away, but I managed to keep going and make it to number two. I told him each time it happened and I could tell that even though he was concentrating on his task, he was still enjoying my task for him.
Number three took a little more time, but it was amazing when I got there. I was grinding my hips into the vibe and my thoughts were spinning. But even though I was enjoying my orgasm, all I really wanted, and now EVEN MORE, was to feel his hands on me; to feel his big, hard cock inside my pussy, to feel his lips and tongue all over my skin, and to let him ravish me any way he wanted.
Once we were both done with our initial tasks, he undressed and gave me my first 20 lashes. I was to count them out individually and thank him for each one.
            Daddy: “Are you ready?”
            Me: “Yes Daddy.”
Daddy: “Good Girl. What is your ass for?” <snap – the cane struck my bare bottom>
Me: “One – Thank You Sir – For Training and Punishment.”
Daddy: “Good Girl. What is your pussy for?” <snap – the cane struck my bare bottom>
Me: “Two – Thank You Sir – To reward me.”
Daddy: “Good Girl. What is your mouth for?” <snap – the cane struck my bare bottom>
Me: “Three – Thank You Sir – To please you however you want.”
He continued alternating the questions each time up to twenty. Each strike of the cane was difficult to take, but I know it is punishment, and something that I will learn my lesson to definitely avoid in the future. Once he was done with the first set, he carressed my ass with his hands. He loves to admire my ass, but he loves to gaze at it longer after he has worked it for a bit. He then pulled me to sit on the edge of the bed to suck him as my prize for doing well so far. I quickly took him in my mouth. I love sucking him and pleasing him this way. I kept sucking him feeling him grow and get more excited. As I was getting more aggressive sucking him, he pulled my head back and slapped my face to remind me I was not the one in control.
To be continued tomorrow …

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You area very good girl. Your Daddy is very lucky to have someone devoted like you. Your writing is beautiful. I hope he truly treasures you.

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