January Training – Part II

Continued from yesterday, you may want to read the beginning here, before moving on . . . 

After he let me suck on his cock for a while, Daddy decided it was time for another 10 of my 40 lashes. Again, I was to count them out individually and thank him for each one.
            Daddy: “Are you ready?”
            Me: “Yes Daddy.”
Daddy: “Good Girl. What is your ass for?” <snap – the cane struck my bare bottom>
Me: “Eleven – Thank You Sir – For Training and Punishment.”
Daddy: “Good Girl. What is your pussy for?” <snap – the cane struck my bare bottom>
Me: “Twelve – Thank You Sir – To reward me.”
Daddy: “Good Girl. What is your mouth for?” <snap – the cane struck my bare bottom>
Me: “Thirteen – Thank You Sir – To please you however you want.”
He again continued alternating the questions each time up to thirty, and it was even more difficult that the first twenty. I could feel the welts rising on my skin and the heat of each stinging and erotic sting.
He then had me get on all fours. He attached the clip from my right wrist cuff to the clip on my right ankle cuff and repeated this with the left side. He then took a black tuque and placed it on my head, covering my eyes so that I could not see. I could hear him walk to the nightstand and open the lube. I knew in my mind it was time for the big blag anal plug. He stood behind me and ran his hand along my back and ass and swiftly placed it in my asshole. Since the one I had been practicing with was smaller and I had  been more used to it, the big black one was a shock and I gasped once again. He ran his hand up and down my crack, playing with my wet pussy. Then he handed me my regular jelly vibe and told me to put it in my pussy and fuck myself. I did, but it was difficult at first to keep the plug in as well. He moved the plug deep into my ass as I continued to fuck my pussy with the vibe. Although I don’t like anal as he knows, it helped to play with my pussy – it sort of took my mind off of the pain, or maybe it turned the pain to pleasure – I am not sure. But I do know, I was surprised that I was almost enjoying it.
After a while, he decided it was time to try out the hook. He raised my arms above my head and hooked my wrists up to the ceiling. He had my ankles hooked together and placed the black plug in my ass. I stood there spread eagle with my eyes still covered. I heard him move to the bed and lie down. It was difficult in some ways to just stand there so exposed, but it was also exciting. I could imagine him looking at me and admiring his work so far. His little girl so obediently standing there helpless for him. After maybe ten minutes I asked, “Daddy, may I please have a drink?” He got up, brought my drink up to my lips and allowed me to sip just a little. When I was done he gently kissed my lips and softly said “Good girl.” I continued to stand there about another 5 minutes when the ass plug fell out. Again, I was nervous that he would punish me, but instead, he took my arms down, embrassed and kissed me before what was next.
To be continued tomorrow …

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i sure hope ur daddy gets how rare you are. I have been looking for a little girl like you for 40 years. you sound too good to be true babe…are you?

  2. _sub_girl says:

    You lucky, lucky little girl.

    I miss my Daddy. You are so lucky to have someone like that.


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