January Training – Part III

Continued from yesterday & the day before, you may want to read the beginnings here and here, before moving on…. 
I was in a dreamy haze, my body tingled everywhere and I wanted him more and more. I wanted to please him and to return the amazing feelings I was having. He lied down on the bed and had me suck him. As I was on all fours to the side and sucking away, he began to fuck my ass in and out with the black plug. I felt myself move with it, even though it hurt.
            Daddy: “Do You know why I had you fuck yourself with the anal plug in?”
            Me: “Yes Daddy.”
            Daddy: “Then tell me.”
Me: “Because I need to be ready for when you have me service someone else. I will need to be able to take him in my pussy and you in my ass if that is what you want.”
Daddy: “Very good girl. And this? Why am I fucking your ass with the plug while you suck me?”
Me: “Because I need to be able to suck another man while you fuck my ass if that is what you want.”
            Daddy: “Good girl again. And who does your ass belong to?”
            Me: “Only you Daddy.”
As I kept sucking him more and more and he fucked my ass with the plug, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. My head was already so fuzzy and I just wanted more. He had me stop and told me it was time for my last ten lashes. My bottom was already so sore, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to take them. It was at that time, he told me I had been so good that he would take it easier on me and he would use my belt for the last ten. Even though I usually love my belt, I was still not sure I could make it through. He began furiously and quickly. I counted them out and thanked him for each one,although he did not take the time to ask me questions. Each strike was hard and full and toward the end I could feel myself whimpering and not sure if I could continue. But I did.
He was so pleased with all that I had taken up to this point, he quickly rewarded me by moving swiftly behind me and almost immediately thrust his cock deep into my asshole and began fucking me, furiously. No matter how much it hurts when he enters my ass, it still feels so good knowing that I am able to make him feel so good. I moved with him and back on to his cock begging him to take me. I wanted to make him cum so badly I could taste it – and I wanted to. I wanted to feel his cum drip all over my face and have him look down at me and admire the mess he made of me.  However, we were fucking so furiously I could feel him come close and he thrust his cock deeper than it had been and he came hard all inside my asshole. We collapsed down on the bed together and snuggled up to recover.
As I rested my head thankfully on his naked, strong shoulder and kissed him thankfully, he continued to tell me how much I had progressed and he was pleased at how much I had taken that day. It was only then that he actually informed me that the cane had actually broken, not once, but twice, against my ass. I was surprised. Although it had hurt so much, and I was definitely feeling it afterward, there was a major point during our play where my mind was not concentrating as much on the pain, but more on the pleasure. And even then, my focus was not on me, but rather on him and how much I wanted to do to please my Daddy. He asked if I was a little relieved that the cane had broken. I told him honestly, as I am always completely honest with him, that I was. He smiled slyly and said, “I figured you would be. But, you also know that this means I just need to replace it.” I smiled and simply stated, “Yes Daddy, of course” knowing better now that I can handle it. We continued to talk and share and cuddle more as it was truly a beautiful day together. I didn’t want him to leave, but I knew he would have to. But that just leaves me wanting him that much more until the next time. 

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    You treat your Daddy so good! I bet he has something extra special planned to pamper you and show his appreciation. Valentines Day is almost here and I will be here to read it all.

  2. Domina Lily says:

    I know what I would give as your special Valentines gift … Too bad you like Daddy better than a Mommy – you seem like a vary special little girl

  3. I do prefer a Daddy, but I would be interested in at least speaking with you to gain some insights on what you enjoy about being a Domme. Contact me if you would like 🙂

  4. Great mix of dialogue, play-by-play, and feelings. Very hot.

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