Last Night’s Solo Flight

As I have previously blogged, I am allowed to masturbate, but I must get permission from Daddy before I can cum. Sometimes I hesitate playing with myself, even though I really want to, because I know there are times when he will tell me that I am not allowed to cum. My climax doesn’t does not belong to me anymore. I am learning to accept that, as hard as it may be. My pleasure is only for his enjoyment, and at his discretion. Yesterday, Daddy and I had been instant messaging most of the day, so I was exceptionally aroused and worked up. I went up to my room, undressed, and lied down naked on my back on top of my bed. I did not use the plug this time as Daddy had given me an hour with it as punishment earlier in the day (I forgot to send him some pictures he requested).
I decided to use my smaller vibe with the bunny ears attached. I gently placed the vibe on my pussy so that just the bunny ears entered and could tickle my clit and reach into my g-spot. I was very wet and my hips moved with the pulses almost immediately. After only about 2 minutes I could feel a tingle in my toes which made me realize I was very close so I had to slow the speed of the vibe down to not cum. I generally noticed that I don’t watch myself, but mainly close my eyes and imagine that it is not me that is pleasing myself, but rather I picture my Daddy next to me, holding the vibe against me. As I continued to hold it against my cunt, I opened my eyes and noticed that my nipples were completely hard and sticking straight up, which, without even thinking about it, I immediately starting circling them with my fingers and gently pinching them. They are extremely sensitive, and Daddy is much rougher with them than I am. 
The pulsation on my clit became more intense and I could feel shivers in my spine and I instinctively grasped my headboard to brace myself and try to enjoy the wave, but also to hold back from climax. At that time, I felt my hips also start to grind harder onto the vibe, with my eyes closed I imagined that I was grinding on my Daddy and pictured him watching my breasts as they would bounce around as he furiously fucked me so hard and deeper than anyone else has even gone inside me. My mind actually started to get a little fuzzy and dizzy as I felt what I can only describe as a wave of tingling numbness start to move down my legs again and into my toes, causing me to clench and curl them. At that point I jolted and realized I was on the verge of cumming and I quickly pulled the vibe away and lied there out of breath and slightly shaking, almost feeling like the vibe was still on me. I quickly sent my text request to Daddy.
          Me: Hello, Sir. I am asking your permission to cum tonight.
I took some deep breaths with my eyes closed and ling there trying not to move. I feared even if I were to just move any muscle I would instantly climax and I promised I would not.
          Daddy: Are you ready to now? Describe your position.
          Me: I am lying on my back on my bes, legs spread apart, with the rabbit vibe in.
          Daddy: Is your plug in?
          Me: No Sir.
Oh no – would this be the time? Did I make a mistake? Would he let me climax?
          Daddy: Lazy girl 😉
          Daddy: You May cum for me
          Me: Thank you Sir.
I rolled over onto my side and began back again. I feel my Daddy as if he were standing over me, telling me to “Grind into it a little more, little girl.” I imagined his hands on my hips guiding me and slamming his hard cock into me from behind; harder and harder as I would get closer. I heard him command me to cum and cum hard all over him. As soon as that thought hit me, I began feeling the orgasm flow through me and could feel my head flop back and forth as each thrust pushed me closer to climax. I yelled, “Yes Daddy! I am cumming for you!” As I finished, I lied there, still for about 2 minutes at least. I pictured him smiling, kissing my cheek and neck – telling me I was his good girl and I felt so warm and satisfied.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are such a good girl! I can only wish i had a good girl like you. Well you keep your adventures coming and I’ll keep commenting on them-blkcobra11-

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds to me like you are having more solo flights than sex with your supposed daddy. You are a woman who is sexy and should be fucked daily! He ain’t doing his job, just sayin’. If I were your man, I would take you all the time, no excuses.

  3. Sir J says:

    interesting comments you a track. Obviously you did start a blog and I found it. Let me read through and I will comment later.

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