More Playing With My Neighbor

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Stop it… you’re driving me crazy! 🙂 I remember those times when you were on your knees while sucking me. You sucked me so amazingly well, but what made it even better was watching you do it with a desire to please me. You really loved my cock when you did it.
    I sure do miss our times together and I miss having my cock insode of you. I always got a huge rush when I was fucking you from behind, keeping you up on all 4’s by pulling your hair with one hand, my other hand squeezing your waist, and ordering you not to cum until I said so. I always felt that I owned you. 🙂
    The only reason I never came all over your face and those amazing tits was because I didn’t think you were into it. I can only imagine how much stronger and in control of you it would have made me feel. But reading your blogs it appears that you can more than handle it.
    Care to share with your readers what you are supposed to do when receiving a facial?

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