More Playing With My Neighbor

When I wrote the post about my former neighbor, MP, the other day, I wasn’t sure how he was going to take it. I was worried he might have been upset that I was talking about what happened between us so long ago. I also didn’t want it to cause any friction in our friendship or make him feel uncomfortable at all when talking with me. He is the only person who really knows me that I have shared this side of myself with and the only one who really knows the extent of my submission and serving my former Daddy, J. I didn’t want to lose that, so I got a little nervous when he IM-ed me after reading my blog that day. I slowly clicked and saw “Aww! You remember me!” I was so relieved that not only was he not upset, he was flattered that I chose to use one of our encounters in my blog. He even commented on the post later:
I was a little surprised that he didn’t think I would write about our play times. Although he was not explicitly a D, nor did I even know at the time that I was an s, our play did have a lot of control and D/s qualities to it. We both took it as just fun and raw, naked, animal-like sex. We were always pretty open about telling each other what we each wanted and trying different scenarios.
As I mentioned previously, he always loved to watch me masturbate. Being so shy most of my life, I really wasn’t sure if I could enjoy being watched. But the way he would look at me when I was moving my vibrator in and out and around my pussy just drove me crazy. He looked so pleased and turned on that it made me want to just do more for him. I would get so excited, I sometimes would just get so into fucking myself, he would have to remind me that I wasn’t supposed to cum until he said I could. 

It was with him that was the first time I gave oral on my knees in front of a guy. I had given plenty of blow jobs to guys and they always enjoyed it. But this was a different dynamic. I loved the way he would look down at me on my knees – moving his cock in and out of my mouth, licking my tongue all along the tip, taking his balls into my hands, feeling my nipples brush against his leg from time to time. I could feel myself get wetter and wetter as I sucked even more. I think that one of the things both MP and I regret is he never shot his cum on my face. I know we both would have loved it…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Stop it… you’re driving me crazy! 🙂 I remember those times when you were on your knees while sucking me. You sucked me so amazingly well, but what made it even better was watching you do it with a desire to please me. You really loved my cock when you did it.
    I sure do miss our times together and I miss having my cock insode of you. I always got a huge rush when I was fucking you from behind, keeping you up on all 4’s by pulling your hair with one hand, my other hand squeezing your waist, and ordering you not to cum until I said so. I always felt that I owned you. 🙂
    The only reason I never came all over your face and those amazing tits was because I didn’t think you were into it. I can only imagine how much stronger and in control of you it would have made me feel. But reading your blogs it appears that you can more than handle it.
    Care to share with your readers what you are supposed to do when receiving a facial?

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