Music: Poetry In Motion (Guest Post)

I had been talking about writing about music for sex playlists for a while (I posted it yesterday here). Everyone has their own take on music and sex, so I asked a good friend to write a guest post about it as well. Dear readers, let’s give a warm welcome to my newest guest writer, Monroe Starr!

As pretentious as it sounds, I believe in both order and chaos. I like the comfort of knowing where to start, but I also like taking the scenic route to where I want to be. So when I make a playlist, I don’t always order it, but I do like to start on a particular song. For me, sex and music complement each other. I need them both in my life.

Playing music during sexual experiences is all but necessary to me. It might be losing your virginity to Bloc Party; it might be car sex right before a concert in Manhattan. But in my world, the two simply cannot be separated. When compiling a playlist for sex, I am mindful of the varying sexual experiences there are. It’s an oversimplification to just bifurcate physical passion, but for this purpose it can be helpful to split sex into two broad categories: “fast” and “slow.” There is certainly some overlap between the two, much like there are tempo changes during songs. Drums roll and guitars chime through intros; verses hum and swell into hearty crescendos; vocals can be throaty and assertive or hushed and relaxing. What they cannot be is boring. Great music to soundtrack great sex is what you deserve. These might not be your songs, but they work for me. If you need a boost, try them out!


1) Future Islands, “Walking Through That Door”


the xx, “Night Time”
Massive Attack, “Paradise Circus”
Roxy Music, “Mother of Pearl”
Black Star, “Brown Skin Lady”
Silversun Pickups, “Lazy Eye”
A Tribe Called Quest, “Electric Relaxation”
Animal Collective, “My Girls”
Arctic Monkeys, “Knee Socks”
Beach House, “10 Mile Stereo”
Black Keys, “Hold Me in your Arms”
Bloc Party, “Ion Square”
Common, “The Light”
Dungeonesse, “Shucks”
The Horrors, “Mirror’s Image”
The Last Shadow Puppets, “Black Plant”
Lykke Li, “I Know Places”
The Roots, “Break You Off”
TV on the Radio, “Will Do”
Wye Oak, “Civilian”


1) The Dead Weather, “Blue Blood Blues”


Interpol, “Say Hello to the Angels”
The Joy Formidable, “Cradle”
Kasabian, “Vlad the Impaler”
Kele, “Tenderoni”
Lykke Li, “Get Some”
OutKast, “Spread”
Peaches, “Fuck the Pain Away”
The Roots, “The Seed 2.0”
The Kills, “Cat Claw”
Bloc Party, “Better than Heaven”
Danny Brown, “I Will”
Metric, “Satellite Mind”
NIN, “The Hand That Feeds”
The Hives, “Hate to Say I Told You So”
The Strokes, “Juicebox”
The White Stripes, “Hypnotize”
TV on the Radio, “Wolf Like Me”
TT the Artist, “Pussy Ate”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Black Tongue”
The Kills, “Sour Cherry”
Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, “Do Me Right”

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