My New Life Coach!

So, most people don’t realize how hard it is for someone who was a serial relationship person to be single for 7 years. But I’m hear to tell you – it gets harder every day. For some of those 7 years, I didn’t even try to date, due to some personal family tragedies that I was dealing with. I’m  firm believer that you need to be strong and confident in yourself before you can be in a good relationship. Trust me, for a few years there, that was NOT me and I knew it.

I’ve always been independent. I mean, hell, I practically raised myself in my crazy family. And I practically raised my siblings in the process, so I’ve never been dependent on someone taking care of me. But, I think I appreciated my relationships that much more because we would support each other. We would do nice things for each other and it wasn’t ever always on me. That feeling was so foreign to me that I cherished it, even if sometimes I worried it wouldn’t always happen.

Recently, I’ve found it more tiring to make even the simplest of decisions. Some days, I debate my dinner choices for so long that I turn from hungry to hangry. I’ve commonly joked on my Twitter that I need a keeper or babysitter; someone who will make sure I am not a danger to myself and that I make it to another day. Last night, I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up at around 4:00 AM. The TV was on, I had a small bag of Cheetos next to me, and a candle was still burning. I decided – I am in need of a Life Coach. So, who better to make my decisions for me than the best decision maker in the world – The Magic 8 Ball!

Today, I started this experiment, and so far, the Magic 8 Ball app I use hasn’t steered me wrong. Here is how today has gone so far.

From this point forward, I think I will leave my decision making up to my Magic 8 Ball app!
Magic 8 Ball: Should I drink wine tonight?

Magic 8 Ball: It’s okay to eat my feelings tonight, right?!

I should really text that guy who hasn’t responded to me in two weeks right now, right?

Do you just think I should give up on dating completely finally, and become a hermit?

Man I’m horny lately, why can’t I just have sex already?

Well, the experiment has started – I will keep you posted my friends. 🙂

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    What other questions have you left up to your new coach?

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