One Night Stands

This post is by a new contributor, Hotsexinabox. 

I’ve been into one night stands since I lost my virginity. Hell, that’s how I lost it! I would estimate that out of all my sexual encounters, only ~25% have resulted in repeat encounters. And while I haven’t had a ridiculous number of partners, I am way above “average”.

I’ve always liked having sex, but when I was younger and first having it, I thought it was the way to attract, and keep, a guy. Sleep with him and it will lead to dating! By my early/mid 20s I finally realized this was not the case, and that I should be having sex because I want to, not because the guy does. And let me tell you, I want to. A lot. And I’m not afraid to go out and find it.

I’ve had ONS where I didn’t even bother getting the guys name, or giving him mine. I’ve had others that have turned into something more, or ones in which I wish they had because of the way the guy held my face while he kissed me (my kryptonite, for the record). Some started as a small flirtation that grew throughout the night, while one happened right after sharing a cab with a random guy.

ONS, or sex in general, can be kind of like ice cream. Sometimes its fun to try a new flavor for the night, whereas other times you’d rather just stick what you know tastes good. Sometimes you are craving a flavor from years ago, but it’s no longer in stock. Either way, when you want ice cream sometimes you’ve just got to have it right then.

This doesn’t mean I’m pulling out the big guns for my ONS. I save the special moves for the guys that matter, the ones I actually care about. I understand that sex with someone you know well/trust/like/love can be the best sex of your life, and when I find that person I will cherish that. But damn, some of my hottest sexual encounters have stemmed from ONS.

Let’s be honest though, ONS are a lot easier to come by if you are a straight female. It’s a tad (lot) more difficult for straight men, so I imagine the guys who stumble upon me, and other females open to ONS, thank their lucky stars. I’m no smoke, but I’m a good looking blonde with blue eyes and huge boobs, if I wanted to get laid every time I went to the bar I could. But I don’t. I go through periods where I want something more, and I would love to be in a serious relationship one day. I wouldn’t immediately sleep with a guy if I thought he was boyfriend potential, but that hot douchebag who would piss me off sober, get him in my bed now.

One night stands aren’t for everyone, but I am not ashamed to take home a random guy for a night of hot sex. As long as I am smart about it, and having sex for the right reasons, why the hell not. I embrace the sex-positive movement- as long as it’s safe and consensual, no one should judge.

For the record, I have insanely good intuition, and have never (knock on wood) been in a position where I felt threatened or forced to do anything against my will. Male or female, if you feel uncomfortable about something then you probably should remove yourself from the situation. 

Hotsexinabox is a straight but not narrow, sexually adventurous chica living in the Baltimore area. 
Email: Twitter: @hotsexinabox

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    Gotta love a girl who doesn’t hesitate to indulge in hedonistic pleasures!

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