Plug Practice in Social Setting

This I knew would be more difficult. At least when I was wearing the plug at work, I could choose not to interact with others. But now, Daddy was requesting that I wear it while having dinner with some close girlfriends, and some of their friends I didn’t even know. Before I entered the restaurant, I put the plug in and texted him that I had arrived. He instructed me to request permission to remove it in 20 minutes.
I went into the restaurant and found all four other girls seated and I joined them. There were the initial hugs for my two friends, one of whom was visiting from out of town, and the introduction to the two new girls I hadn’t met before. I quickly sat down, feeling the plug slipping from my asshole. Daddy had requested that I also squirm into it three times, so I did.
For some reason, the plug was much harder to take this time. Was it because I had to interact with people? Was it because I was more out in the open in public? Was it because I had been practicing too much? I couldn’t determine, but it was very difficult to concentrate on what most people saying and I couldn’t take my mind off of the growing discomfort of the plug digging deep into me. Every laugh or giggle made it that much harder to keep in. All of a sudden, another woman joined us who I hadn’t met, and I had to get up to let her into the the place where the extra chair was. I was very nervous about the plug slipping out completely. I clenched my buttocks tightly so as not to have what would surely be a quite embarrassing moment.

Luckily, when I texted Daddy at the end of the 20 minutes, he allowed me to go and remove the plug. I excused myself from the table and retreated to the ladies room to removed it. I quickly rinsed it off and wrapped it in paper towels before placing it back in the plastic bag in my purse and returned to join the girl talk. Daddy texted again asking if any of them suspected that I was so slutty and obedient. I assured him that although I have been friends with two of the women for more than 20 years, no one suspected what was deep inside me that he was so good at bringing out of me.

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