Risk Can Bring Some Rewards

Take a chance. Take a chance. That is what my brain kept telling me that night as Scott was texting me. I didn’t know him at all except for the fact that he texted me that morning through Kik to compliment me on my blog. I wrote back to thank him and he was actually surprised that I would answer him. When I asked why, he said he thought I got tons of messages all the time like that. Truth is? I don’t – but even if I did, I truly appreciate it when people take the time to read what I write and they actually enjoy it. I do write to express myself and sort of things that I am thinking and feeling, but I also do it hoping other people get value out of what I have been through, what I am going through, or where I think I will be headed.

That was it. That is all it took. We texted back and forth all day. Topics were usually tame with a “get-to-know” you vibe. Of course, I am a sex blogger and there were definitely points in the conversation that were of a sexual flirting nature. But all day, my internal voice told me that this guy was different that most who reach out to me. This guy had a confidence without arrogance. He was very well spoken and thoughtful in his responses. I just felt like this was the type of Dom that I had always been attracted to. Honestly, the ease with which we communicated reminded me a lot like the times when Daddy J and I would talk.
After getting home that night, we actually continued to text and the eventual opportunity came up. Scott asked to come over that night after he got out of work. I was hesitant at first. So many thoughts flew through my head:
“You don’t know this guy! What if he is nuts?”
“Ugh, he has me so horny right now!”
“He could be a psycho killer!”
“He is cute, smart, and nice – what’s the worst that could happen?”
“The worst that could happen?! You could wind up dead!”
Finally, while my brain was having its own neurotic conversation, Scott asked me to call him. He said he was okay if I blocked my number, but he just wanted to talk. So, I decided to do just that, swallow some of my nerves, and I called.
Scott: “You are terrible at blocking your number!”
Me: “I KNOW! I swear I used *69, but it didn’t work! Does it not work anymore?”
Scott: laughing “I think you might have done it wrong. But don’t worry; I will respect your privacy.”
Me: “I know you will and I appreciate that. Thanks.”
Scott: “I’m really craving eating pussy. I would love to see you tonight.”
We talked a little bit more, but I finally decided to take a chance and said yes.
When Scott arrived I was so unbelievably nervous. He was tall and really cute like his picture. He came in and we sat down on the couch talking. I know I tend to get a lot more nervous when I’m attracted to someone so I kept babbling a bit. He kissed me and I instantly felt chemistry and arousal. I was already turned on before he got there, but actually kissing him almost made me a little dizzy. I would occasionally pause things and talk more. Finally, I couldn’t resist him anymore and we went upstairs to my room.
Scott commanded me to lie down on my bed with my legs off the edge. He took off my shorts and underwear. He commented that I was soaking and asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted him to lick me. He went down on me and almost from the moment his tongue touched my clit I wanted to explode, but I held back. He moved his tongue and mouth all over my pussy, occasionally slipping a finger inside me. He moved with such ease and excitement I could tell he really enjoyed it. It is so hard to find a guy who really loves to go down on a woman and I was so ready. I started to not be able to hold back. “No, no, no  …” I gasped and he paused and asked me why. I breathlessly told him, “I’m about to cum and I don’t want to yet.” He immediately told me, “This isn’t about that now, is it? Cum for me now!” He went back to his work and I gushed and came. It was the best orgasm I’ve ever had from a guy just simply eating my pussy.
Once done he came up to kiss me. I could taste myself all over his lips and his mouth and I really liked that. I was still in a post-orgasmic haze, but I told him I wanted him inside me. I gave him a condom and he pulled off his pants & underwear. There he was in all his glory and hard as a rock. I have to admit here, and I think many women would agree: Penises are not exactly attractive. But his dick is actually quite beautiful and it is big. I’m not a fan of those almost comical, mammoth, scary cocks you see in some porn movies. Luckily for me his cock is not like that; it is quite literally just about perfect in what I would want.
Once he had the condom on he entered me. I gasped because my pussy was so tight around him, but it felt amazing. Scott moved in and out of me and I could tell he was enjoying it too. He then moved to lie down on the bed and had me climb up on top of him and ride him. I couldn’t begin to control myself. He felt so incredible moving in and out of me with my clit rubbing hard against his body. I told him I wanted to wait for him to come with him, but he insisted that I cum. I tried to hold off, but being a submissive, I had to do as I was told. I once again orgasmed and eventually laid down beside him.
He still hadn’t cum so I immediately moved to take his huge cock in my mouth. Moving over him and using my hand and tongue I hungrily began to suck him off. I had only been doing it a little while and he pulled me up.
Scott: “I don’t think I’m going to let you make me cum today.”
Me: “Why not? I really want to make you feel good.”
Scott: “I do feel very good. But I’m not going to let you make me cum.”
I was feeling nervous. I always am told how good I am at giving head! Did he not like it? Was he not attracted to me? Why wouldn’t a guy want to cum?
Me: “But I want to! Please?”
Scott: “Remember what I said? It’s not about what you want, is it?”
And there it was. Scott had seamlessly assumed the role of Dom. He was controlling this entire encounter and I hadn’t even thought about it. I was quietly pleased deep down and saw it as a challenge. Someday, I will be allowed to make him cum and it will be a great reward. But it won’t happen until he decides it to happen. And that is very sexy to me. Well, at least I hope there is a next time.
As he was leaving, he whispered something in my ear that made me really blush.
Scott: “Also – I could smell your sex as soon as I came in. It was really hot.”
Update since I wrote this:
I know Scott would make a great Dom for me, but I don’t think that is in the cards. He and I have remained friends since that night months ago and even had another incredibly hot encounter. We have exchanged sexy texts and phone calls, but also just friendly talk. He and I both have a lot of things going on in our lives so I don’t put any expectations on him at all. However, at this time, anytime he wants to play, Scott knows he can count me in.

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17 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    damn gurl! i love reading your blog, but why you waste time wit these guys that wont give you all you want? i would date you and rock your world!

  2. Joe says:

    Great job! nice story… I know what i want to do to my girlfriend tonight!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is serious fapping material. I don’t like that you keeping finding these guys who don’t appreciate what an amazing submissive you are. These supposed Doms should be collaring you, not playing with your mind. I wish I was single.

  4. Hubman says:

    It certainly pays to take a risk once in a while! I’m glad you had so much fun and have remained friends with him, though it’s too bad that you haven’t gotten to play with him more often.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic story. Have you seen him since?

  6. Anonymous says:

    What did Daddy J have to say about this?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Very very well written. I think ill be reading more of your blogs.

  8. Anonymous says:

    are u going to blog anymore?

  9. Anonymous says:

    So when will u blog again?

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