Significance of the BJ

In today’s article I wrote for Gutter Magazine, I talked about how important it is for a woman to go down on a man. I know that in the D/s community it may even seem foreign that there are women who do not perform fellatio. Although giving head is something I have always enjoyed immensely, even before I began to discover this side of myself, I truly believe I have learned so much more about the significance of it since I began embracing my submissive nature. I think sucking cock is one of the more popular items when talking about D/s activities. So in writing my article today it got me thinking: Why is it so important?
Significance For A Dom

Most Doms enjoy the service of a submissive through oral sex, especially when a good blow job is given according to his desires and instructions. That is one of the perks of being a Dom in the end – always being able to demand things just how you like it. Many also love the control they have when their submissive is on her knees and at his mercy. I know how much Daddy J loved it when he would be able to force his cock deep to the back of my throat till I would choke. Sometimes, he would plug my nose and control my breathing for an extra thrill. I loved how aroused he would get as I would take him in an out of my mouth, moving my tongue along his head and moving my hand in rhythm until he would start to fuck my face while I looked up at him wanting more.
In addition to the significance of his dominance in this act, he also receives your immediate submission. Many Doms say that when a sub serves him my kneeling in front of him and giving him oral sex, it makes them feel special and loved. They see the devotion that their submissive has for his pleasure; she is entirely focused on serving his desires and worshipping his cock. Not much can make a man feel more in control or appreciated.
The end game in oral in the D/s game is just as important. Men are extremely visual, and to them, nothing is better than seeing their beautiful woman, kneeling in front of him, smiling and excited to receive his semen strewn across her face. A Dom finds this not only attractive, but also a sign that his sub is completely devoted to him and fully accepts him and appreciates him.

significance for a sub
I have learned in my reading that some girls have a remarkable instinct for performing oral sex, and I have been told that I am lucky enough to have this gift. Every man I have ever been with has told me I was the best oral sex they ever had (or pretty damn close to it). Having this talent always enticed me to want to perform oral on a guy, so I have enjoyed it a lot. But now seeing it as a submissive service, I appreciate giving so much more. I love how Daddy J would look down at me, so happy and pleased with me. Knowing that my service to him was wanted and that he was so sexually aroused just by my action would turn me on almost immediately. Through his training of me, he would remind me that my mouth was for service and pleasure to him, my ass was for training and punishment, and my pussy was for my reward.
As for the facial, I never understood it’s meaning before. I knew that guys got off in it, so I would let them, but I could usually take it or leave it. After the first time that Daddy J gave me a facial, all of that changed. Once I saw him looking down at me covered in his cum and smiling up at him, I knew. His smile and adoration looking at me told me all I ever needed to know. I knew I was beautiful to him more in that moment than most. He saw my true devotion to his pleasure – I was wearing that devotion (his semen) to be exact. It was my reward for proving to him his satisfaction was most important to me above all else. I never felt demoralized or less human. In fact, I felt more alive than ever.

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8 Responses

  1. Neo Dom Tom says:

    I think in a D/s relationship, the blow job takes on those meanings you have described. That makes the blow job much more significant then a “vanilla” job. I love it when my lizard looks up at me as she is enjoying sucking my cock. I agree that there is an art to it. Her ministrations are always amazing.

    There is a whole different exchange that takes place when the D/s layer is added on. In our relationship, that means my lizard learns to enjoy sucking more and more, while I praise her more and more for doing it. Blow jobs I have had outside of the realm, before I learned anything about dominance, didn’t quite have the same sense of connectedness and significance. A blow job is, I believe, a critical way of communicating between a Dom and a sub, but just something that feels good on the vanilla side.

  2. sarah says:

    Couldnt agree more!
    The feelings of devotation and love i have when kneeling at my Master’s or Mistress’s feet, mouth and eyes wide open, are so indescribable. Just knowing the pleasure they will derive from using my mouth and tongue is almost enough to make me come.

  3. Anonymous says:

    how are you so sexy, yet still single? baby I would definitely show you a good time and then some!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey anon. I am her ex-neighbor she mentioned a few posts aago. She is truly amazing, and she is a good person to. I used to love to fuck her, and this was before she realized that she was an S. And she isn’tlying about her love for oral. She was the only girl I have ever been with who absolutely loved giving it…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Okay. How real are you? I am getting tired of my toy and I am looking for a new one. She won’t do half as much as you claim why don’t you tell me about you?

  6. Anonymous says:

    You don’t understand the facial at all. When a man cums on your face he is doing that to tell you that you are there to worship him from beginning to end. A submissive needs to learn to love his cum on her and accept her place beneath him and always there for his cum.

  7. I have been so busy – thanks for all the comments!

    Neo Dom Tom & Sarah – thank you both for your additional insights as well.

    Anonymous #1: My neighbor Anonymous #2 answered you for me (Thanks!)

    Anonymous #3: You can learn a lot about me by just reading through my blog – I don’t really hold back.

    Anonymous #4: I appreciate your thoughts on this as well. I think the way you look at it is true for some Doms and subs, but I also know that it is different for others like myself. There is never just one definition 🙂

  8. SnowCaptive says:

    Good post 🙂

    And so happy to have found your blog. Love when I find new good ones to read 🙂

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