Sinful Sunday #135: Team Spirit

As Molly says, Sinful Sunday is about the image. I know my images are more tame than most, but I think they still convey a sexy tone. This week, in honor of the end of the baseball season last week, I thought I would show some Baltimore team spirit as we start to re-build in the off-season for next year.

I didn’t grow up an O’s fan. I didn’t really grow up with Major League Baseball.

My hometown didn’t have a team. But, I was a Boston Red Sox fan. None of my friends really understood why, but I did have a rhyme to my reason. One of my cousins who I looked up to was a huge Red Sox fan and he would teach me about the game and the players. My grandfather also liked the team. He respected the strong history of the team and traveled to Boston often for business. I would always beg him to bring me back Red Sox stuff, and he never disappointed me.

But I moved to Maryland. I stayed a Red Sox fan for a little while. But the more Orioles games I went to, the more I began to let go of my Boston allegiance. The history of the O’s, the beautiful Camden Yards, and of course the Iron Man saving baseball turned me around. Although I was happy the Red Sox won the World Series this year, it really was only because the O’s were already out of the race. So let’s #BUCKleUp Baltimore and make it next year!

Go see what others are doing for Sinful Sunday by clicking the image below. Be sure to leave comments!

Sinful Sunday

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4 Responses

  1. Mia says:

    What a wonderful way to show your support! Great pictures!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. molly says:

    I have often said that an image doesn’t have to be graphic or even naked to be sexy. More often than not it is what you don’t show that makes for an erotic image rather than what you do


  3. Even covered like you are you still show enough. That looks sexy with the v neck shirts.

  4. Kazi G says:

    I’m sure you helped us take the pennant with that shot 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

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