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I know it has been a while since I last posted. Some care – Some Don’t. But most importantly, I have just been trying to get my brain and emotions back in check.


December Dating

It’s Here! The Holiday’s are upon us. Here are some dating tips for both singles and couples trying to deal with this hectic time of year. Singles & Couples: Keep your expectations reasonable. December...

I’m Not Giving Up – Not Yet 1

I’m Not Giving Up – Not Yet

I know I joke on Twitter (and here) how hard it is to be dating these days. There are the stupid questions (like these), the crazy OK Cupid profiles you have to wade through...

Dating: The Actual Moment (Part 3) 0

Dating: The Actual Moment (Part 3)

I admit that I was actually both nervous and exited for once in a long time to get ready for a date. I met him at his house as we were going to go...