That First Night…The Beginning

Considering I had only met a few guys from online before, and those did not go well, I was shocked that I was even entertaining the idea that one of the responses I got to this first ad of mine was about to meet me right away. He was right – I got a LOT of responses from my ad. But very few that actually met what it was I explicitly said I was looking for. Most started off with “I know I am older/younger than what you originally requested” or “ I know you said you liked a) but I know you want b)”. All I kept thinking to myself was … NO! I was completely open and honest for once to exactly what it was I wanted… you will not persuade me. Until, YES! One response came that did require me to suspend what I was asking for. Of course, my first reaction was that it had to be “too good to be true.” But as we kept emailing back and forth for at least a couple of hours, I realized – not only was he in it to win it – but also – he was willing to at least play the game I was requesting. He was willing to just end a dry spell that had gone longer than I had ever gone at that time (I have gone longer since – but that is an aside). He was willing to just have fun with it, with no major expectations, and with the idea that we just were out to have fun. So, on that fateful night…I set out for Charles Village from the suburbs, completely unsure what to expect, but filled with anticipation knowing my adventure was at LEAST just beginning . . .over 5 years ago now…

When I walked up his sidewalk, he immediately smiled a welcoming grin and hugged me and immediately kissed me. I was in complete shock, but I felt that kiss everywhere. I knew that this was a good decision. He released me, smiled, brushed some hair back from my surprised face and said, “There. That should get some nerves out of the way.” He took my hand and led me inside. He poured me a glass of wine and led me into his bedroom. It was a really hot night and there was no air conditioning, but there was a gentle breeze coming in from his window. We sat down and drank and talked for a bit. His eyes felt like they were seeing right into me. He was definitely probing my mind and I was helpless to stop him. 

He began kissing me again and being very strong. He was taking complete control of the situation and I was enjoying every minute of it. He had me stand up and undress in front of him. As I stood there naked in front of him I felt so vulnerable and nervous, but I was also strangely aroused. He smiled, inspecting every inch of me as if to say that he was in approval. He lied me down on the bed and started to lick my pussy. It was amazing to say the least. I couldn’t even remember the last time a guy had pleased me that way and I almost came immediately. He then moved up and asked me what I wanted next. I told him I wanted him inside of me. He smiled and said, “Say it again nicely.” I then smiled and said, “Please fuck me.” He put on a condom and thrust himself deep inside me. His cock filled my tight, but already soaking wet pussy completely. He was so deep with every thrust and I was truly lost in the moment. After we both came, he got up, helped me clean off, got me more wine and we lied there sweaty with each other talking. 

As the breeze came in through the window, he was asleep, with his arm and leg over me tightly, as if he was protecting me and preventing me from leaving. I dozed off eventually, hoping that this would not be just one night. I decided right then, I needed to know more.

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    It took him 5 years to realize he needed to collar you? That isn’t a true dom. That is a coward afraid of commitment. I see heartach ahead. He isn’t going to make you happy and sadly is probably married or has many other women. When you are ready for a real Daddy, we are out there for you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you can’t judge her daddy for taking that long to collar her. She didnt know what she was gettin into until it was going on! It’s fine that he collard you when he did because trust and destiny had to happen. Now since you are his little girl some of us cant wait to see what is next in the future!-Blkcobra11-

  3. Thank you Blkcobra. I do find it interesting that people who make more of the disparaging comments about my Daddy seem to stay anonymous.

    And stay tuned – I am having a lesson with my Daddy on Saturday and I am sure he has some great surprises planned as he always does. 🙂

  4. Maj. G says:

    Oooooh…when on Sat?

  5. Lessons usually begin around 11 AM 😉

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