The Conference

My daddy had to attend a local conference for work. Lucky for him, they still put him up at a hotel. Lucky for me, he had an idea for another great lesson to teach me. He instructed me to dress in business attire and come to the hotel one evening. He also requested I wear a sexy thong. Walking through the lobby, I was nervous, but I knew I looked like I belonged, being in a nice plaid skirt, a lilac blazer, and white button down. On the elevator, a woman and two men asked me if I was learning a lot at the conference. I was glad they were unaware of my purpose for being there and I smiled politely and made small talk until I reached my destination floor. 
I always look for opportunities to put the little girl to good use. She’s a very willing little slut and is always eager to please, even when she’s pushed to her limits. I knew making her show up for her “lesson” at a public hotel would have her heart beating a little harder before she reached me, even if outwardly she remained calm… 
When he opened the door, he smiled with pleasure. Almost as quickly as the door shut behind us, he turned me around and kissed me deeply and passionately. He asked, “Did you feel dirty knowing you were coming here to serve me and having to walk through all those people?” I excitedly told him how I almost felt that people could smell the sex coming off of me. He began to undress me immediately and I could tell how hungry he was for me. I am not sure I ever wanted him more than I did at that moment. When he felt my thong, he whispered in my ear as kissing my neck, “Good girl – you listened to daddy very well.” He took off his pants, pushed me to my knees, and commanded me to take all of his rock hard cock deep into my mouth. As I sucked him, I would look up and see him looking down at me adoringly and I knew he was enjoying my work. Occasionally, I would feel the slap of his hand against my face as he continued to tell me that his little girl needed to suck his cock the way he liked.
Little girl sucks cock like it’s her job (which it is, in a way). What’s really happening here is that she’s getting her mouth fucked. I feed her every inch she can take, holding her head in my hands, then force her to take even more, pushing deep into her mouth until she’s drooling and my balls are on her chin. Sometimes I hold her by the back of her head and fuck her throat until she’s gagging and trying to push me away. I know she means to please, but sometime she can’t help it, especially when she’s having trouble breathing. I always let her catch a breath or two, but she takes a stinging slap to the face or two to pay for her limitations… 
He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up to him and commanded me to get on all fours on the bed. I heard the belt buckle of his belt; my belt, the one he only wore when with me and I was the only one to be spanked with it. I loved the idea that whenever he looked at that belt or felt it, he always would think of me and my ass that he loves so much. He cracked it against my ass, asking me to tell him how I liked it. Then, unexpectedly, he looped it around my neck and began to furiously fuck my pussy hard from behind. He would pull me back onto his huge dick by pulling the belt up and tightly around my neck. At first, I wasn’t sure how to feel about being choked and fucked this way. But I loved it – the control he had over me, the intensity with which he filled me up, and the slight lightheadedness that came from not having as much oxygen. I found myself begging him to keep thrusting into me, telling him how much I wanted him and how hard I wanted to cum for him. It was at that moment I think I realized I wanted to be collared – to become his only pet and playmate – to completely surrender and give myself to him.
Little girl took to the collar and the belt better than she ever thought she would. She’s modest when she says that I “cracked it against her ass…” When she gets the strap, she takes hard, fast, lashings, sometimes as many as 10 or 20 at a time. I whip her ass until the welts form red and purple stripes against the soft white skin of her bottom… 
We continued to have sessions throughout the night, briefly taking breaks and enjoying each other’s company. We would remain naked together all night. I love how he always makes me feel so comfortable with him, so at ease with my natural instincts that I have suppressed for so long. He allows me to completely put my trust in him and know that he fully appreciates the gift of my submission to him. And I always hope to be able to please him however he wants and fulfill all his desires and wants. I recognize finally the value of his control over me and his teaching of me.
Little girl tells such a sweet story… And it is sweet, but what she forgets to mention (probably due to modesty) is that she had her nearly-virgin ass fucked four times in a row that night…
He had me get on top of him and begin to ride him. I moved my hips against him, feeling my clit rub between his cock and his skin. Moving more quickly and starting to get closer to yet another climax. But I was so wet and so turned on, he kept slipping out of me. I apologized, but I could see his disappointment in me. I was failing to please him how he wanted and I knew at that instant that punishment was coming. He rolled me over swiftly on to my stomach and plunged deep into my ass. He furiously moved in and out of me, pushing my face down into the pillows, muffling my tears. It hurt and he was very rough, but I know it was my punishment to take. I had let him down and now he was taking what he wanted by force. My lesson to be that it is all for him – my surrender to him had to be above all else. When he was done, I went to the bathroom to pull myself together. I returned to the bed and he wiped tears from my face and reassured me of his want and desire of me. We fell asleep with him holding me and caring for me and I was content with it all.

…until she broke. As her “teacher” I always pay attention to the sounds she’s making and how she responds to things. What to most would look like brutality is in fact a very carefully staged lesson. I know my little girl well enough to know when she’s passed from weeping from being overwhelmed to being truly unable to handle anymore. That’s what happened this night – her body tensed, she sobbed uncontrollably, and couldn’t handle another moment of punishment. The purpose of our lessons isn’t to grind Little Girl into nothing, but to make her stronger and more obedient for the next encounter. I know she feels badly when she can’t give me everything I ask of her, but what I’ve told her before, and what is true, is that I’ll never stop asking more of her – she’ll always break. What always amazes me, and what makes her my favorite little student, is how far past her initial boundaries she’s been able to go…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That was very interesting story. Yes I pictured everything in my mind as I was there taping the whole thing. It’s good to see you give yourself to him completely and trust him in knowing that he is teaching you how everything needs to be done and you also accepting your punishment for not doing it right. I just wonder how you would react in a situation when you master orders you to pleasure more than him and have his friends over to also take care of them as well! Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous says:

    mmmmmmmm Very nice hun. Sounds like a good night.. mmmmmm And very nice job girl.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wonderful story, as a black dom I love hearing about a white womans submission to her master. If you’re in nj would love to take your sub and make her a bbc slut. Here’s my yim id: aboutbenson

  4. Don says:

    Having just discovered you and your blog, at this point about all I have to say is to go with whatever floats your boat, Hon. If given the opportunity I would be gentler with you and you might also enjoy that.

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