There Is A First Time For Everything

It was definitely not my intention to hook up with a guy when I went out to dinner last month. I just didn’t feel like cooking because it was so hot outside and staying in didn’t sound enticing. For some reason, I wanted to be around other people, even if I wasn’t talking to them. My two closest friends were out of town, so I decided that I would go somewhere close and hang solo.
I had just finished eating when M sat beside me at the bar. He was cute and seemed like a decent guy, but I could also tell he was probably much younger than me (I later learned he was 27). I overheard him tell the bartender that he was in town for the week for his job and staying at the hotel across the street. He asked what there was to do around the area. The bartender gave him some good tips and he seemed content. A few moments later he turned to me and mentioned my O’s hat. He was from Atlanta and was a Braves fan. He was surprised that I was knowledgeable about sports, and I think a little taken aback when I even challenged him on some facts. We had a good banter going and I was having a lot of fun with him.

After a couple of drinks, I was ready to leave and started to say my goodbyes. I walked out and as I was starting my journey home, I heard him approach me. He asked if I would like to talk a little longer and go back to his hotel. I don’t know if it was my current drought, the beer, his smile, or a combination, but I actually agreed.
Almost as soon as we entered his room we were frenetically kissing and groping at each other. It felt almost like those days in college when you were just so into someone that you could never stop touching them. We quickly moved to the bed and he lied next to me, kissing me and fingering me fast and hard. I came almost instantly. I tried to pull his hand up to have him stop so that I could return the favor, but he kept going. He said he wanted to see how many times he could make me come, and I didn’t mind for once. After a second orgasm, he pulled out a condom and pushed his cock deep inside me. Although the sex was good, I could tell that he was more eager than experienced. But I pushed that out of my mind and enjoyed it. When he came, he looked so overjoyed; I was almost turned on again. But we collapsed and snuggled up to each other, naked and satisfied.
It’s not that I’ve never hooked up with a guy before, but I have never had a one night stand until that night. The few times that I did have sex with a guy that I thought would be a one night stand, it always turned out that we would either start dating or become friends with benefits. Since I didn’t try to get his number and I know he doesn’t live here, this is the first time I will have had sex with a guy only once. I thought it would help with my extreme horniness that I have been struggling with as of late, but it didn’t. It left me wanting sex even more. But also, I just felt kind of empty. I think I’m realizing that I am just not the one night stand kind of person. I need a connection of some sort – something to pull me in and make me want to go deeper into the sexual exploration. I guess time will tell, but although it was my first, it may be my last one nighter.

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