Throwback Thursday #3: Music

Music is the center of my soul. As I have posted previously and had a guest post about how music and sex can really bring things together, I will always submerge myself in the music scene. One of my favorite things is listening to music on vinyl. Lying on my bedroom floor, playing albums, being a teenager, helped me to develop an appreciation of lyrics and emotions. This post celebrates some of my favorite vinyl possessions.

Pretty In Pink Soundtrack – In PINK!

I identified with this movie more than most people know. I was a poor gal living in a rich school district. And for a long time I was on the outside. And I never got the guy. Until Senior Year – where I met and started to date one of the love’s of my life. Happy to call him still a close friend.

New Order

I saw them in concert with Echo & The Bunnymen and Gene Loves Gezebel. GENIUS!

The Smiths
The most prolific band that made my mom question my sanity (rightfully so) – absolute poetry!

Moving into the 90s
Empire Records – Nothing needs to be said except that: It’s Rex Manning Day! (in gold!)

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