What is it they say about Absence?

Sorry I haven’t been writing more lately. I have allowed myself to get wrapped back up in work since daddy released me from his service, and I have found myself drifting alone. Daddy and I have talked a little bit here and there, and it still isn’t easy. No matter how amazing the chemistry and sex was and how well we fit together in our respective D/s roles, we just ultimately want different things. He wished me well and even told me that I deserve to have all that I want. Of course, he told me if I ever change my mind, or just want a little play time, he will be there for me. He also asked me to keep him posted on my search. What search you may ask – well, I have decided that I am ready to try to find the Dom that I want and feel I need. I have no idea how to go about said search, but I believe I am ready to begin. Daddy and I really were lucky in my mind to have found each other and have each other over these past 4 years or so, but I think the right one is out there.

So, I promise to try to write more once again. And, hopefully, tomorrow’s post will make up for being gone from these pages so long. I am working on something that really excites me. 🙂 

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