Why Can’t Some Sex Dreams Be Real?

After talking with daddy last Friday for so long, I must admit I have had amazing sex dreams about the places that he was planning to lead me to next on my submissive journey. He had been working me and training me to serve other men for his pleasure, and more than one man at a time at that. He asked me how I thought it might have played out, and I hadn’t given it much thought at the time, but last night, my dreams revealed an interesting, and very sexy scenario.

He had told me to wear a certain dress that we had bought shopping a couple of months back. He told me to go to a very nice hotel that overlooked the water. He had told me what to pack and when I arrived to go to the concierge desk and get an envelope he had left for me. I arrived all prettied up in the dress and the heels and thigh high stockings he loved so much and a sexy pair of black lacy underwear and a push up black lacy bra. When I got the envelope from the desk, it had the room key in it along with a short note:

I got to the room and opened the door. It was simple and elegant with a wonderful fluffy bed and lots of pillows. It also had floor to ceiling windows with a lovely view overlooking the entire waterfront. But he wasn’t there. I was surprised, but then I saw another note neatly placed on the desk by the phone:

I smiled; he always knows me so well. I looked at the clock and it was 5:45 PM – not much time. I took off my panties and placed them in the drawer, settled a little bit in the room, checked my make-up and headed down to the bar.

I walked in and saw him sitting at a table alone with two glasses of champagne. I approached and he looked at his watch and smiled “Good girl – right on time.” He stood, gave me a hug and polite kiss on the cheek. As he pulled my chair out to allow me to sit, he slyly ran his hands along my ass. He whispered softly in my ear “And you listened to directions – very good girl!” I could already feel my pussy growing so wet with anticipation of our evening, even though I wasn’t sure what he had in store for me.

We sat and drank and ate some delicious food. When we were done, he said, “Let’s go up to the room and change before we go out.” I was excited because he always plans things out so well and I knew he had something in mind, so I smiled and we went up the elevator. When we got up to the room he came up behind me and unzipped my dress slowly. He pulled my hair to bring my head back closer and onto his shoulder:

Daddy: “You do know we aren’t going out tonight, right?”
Me: “We aren’t? What are we going to do?”
Daddy: “I just want to play with you all night long. Do you think you can handle that?”
Me: “Yes Daddy.” 

He sat in the big armchair and told me to take off all of my clothes slowly. He watched intently as I slowly exposed every inch of my bare flesh to him. He then placed my collar on me and lied me down on the bed. He kissed me deeply, fingering my pussy as I moved to try to take his pants off. He quickly pushed my hands up and down on to the bed hard. “No. You do not get to touch yet little one.” He then moved to strap my wrists and tie them to the headboard. I hadn’t noticed that he had already set up the restraints the first time I was in the room. But I felt them now. He then straddled me, pinching my nipples and kissing my neck.

Daddy: “Do you trust me?”
Me: “Of Course, Daddy.”
Daddy: “You know everything we do is for your own good and your learning.”
Me: “Yes Daddy.”
Daddy: “ And what is the one thing you want more than anything?”
Me: “To please you Daddy.”
Daddy: “Good girl. You will tonight.”

He then took a long silky material and began to wrap it around my head to blindfold me. He tied it tied and asked me if I could see. I honestly couldn’t. It was pitch dark. I felt him move away from me and heard him open a bottle of champagne. I could hear the bubbles floating in the glass as he poured. He came over, lifted my head slightly and had me take a sip. “Such a beauty, you lying there all helpless,” he said. I was already tipsy from the champagne we drank earlier. When he gave me another sip a little spilled out onto the pillow. He sternly told me “Do not spill. That is not what good girls do.” He rolled me up on to my side and spanked my bottom hard about 10 times. Then he stood back again, not letting me roll onto my back again. He loves to admire my ass when he has made it all rosy. He then rolled me back onto my back and said “Good girl,” kissed me, and walked back across the room. I heard him sit down and pour another glass of champagne. But then – he sat there. Time was ticking by, I was lying there spread eagle on the bed, hands tied, blindfolded, pussy dripping now very heavily with my juices. Was he just watching me? Was he reading? What was he doing? I heard him get up and a door open and close. He had walked out. Where was he going? For how long?
It seemed like an hour, but I am sure it wasn’t that long and I head the key card in the door. I was so excited for him to be back. I heard him enter the room and I heard him begin to undress. I kept thinking about how much I wanted him and wondering what he would do to me first. I heard him come closer to the bed and then I felt him start to straddle my chest. Still tipsy I was so excited to suck him I lifted my head and opened my mouth wide waiting for his huge, hard, warm cock to thrust into it. But as soon as it did, I quickly realized, it wasn’t Daddy’s cock. I would know his cock, his smell, his feel – it wasn’t him. I started to panic for a minute and pulled back, but I then heard his whisper in my ear. It was Daddy at the side of the bed and he said, “Remember little girl. You want to please me. And what will please me most now is you have to service him as if you were servicing me. Can you do that?” I nodded. He pulled my hair back and said “I asked if you can do that for me.” I quietly said “Yes Daddy”. He told me “Good girl”. I turned my head back and began to suck on the man, the man I didn’t know and couldn’t see. But I treated his cock with the same reverence I give Daddy’s cock. I moved my mouth up and down and all around. He moaned and fucked my mouth some, occasionally squeezing my tits. I heard him tell Daddy, “You weren’t kidding. She is one of the best little cock suckers isn’t she?” Daddy didn’t answer him, but I heard him chuckle a bit with pleasure that I was doing a good job and that the man was approving. I continued to suck him and I could feel him getting more and more excited, his cock growing with each thrust and the moans he made as I circled my tongue around his shaft.
Then I felt movement by the bottom of the bed and I was excited that Daddy was coming up to join in the games. I was going to show him finally that I could handle more than one man at a time. But when I felt the thrust of his cock into my pussy, I realized that once again, it wasn’t Daddy. How many men were in the room I wondered? But I knew I had to stay focused. The second man lifted my legs spread eagle up into the air and began to pump in and out. I was very turned on and getting so excited because I knew Daddy was watching. He was observing my every move. Making sure I did my job and made them feel as amazing I as I try to make him feel. I couldn’t disappoint them. The second man said “Yes you dirty little girl – your tight little pussy is mine for now. You can’t do anything about it. Fuck yeah” Both of them were pumping away, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to climax, but my focus was to make sure that they came and that they came hard. I felt a hand brush my hair back and I knew immediately it was Daddy’s. “Such a very good girl – fuck him – suck him – make them cum like you make Daddy cum baby.” 

That sent me over the edge, I wanted to cum so badly. I was trying not to, and thinking about how I would even ask for permission, but at that moment I heard Daddy say “Oh looks like little girl is getting all worked up. Should we let her cum boys?” The first man said, “Oh fuck yeah – let her cum I wanna watch that.” The second man said, “I bet she cums hard and fast all over my cock. Yeah she should cum.” There was a pause and I was going out of my mind. I could taste the salty precum in my mouth and I felt the second guy get deeper and thrust harder into my pussy. Not as deep as Daddy got, but I knew he wanted to fuck me like crazy. Then I heard Daddy say “Alright then. Cum little girl – show them how you cum.” 

It came rushing over me – one quiver after the other, almost immediately as I started to climax, the first guy pulled his cock out of my mouth. I quickly stuck out my tongue in anticipation of what was coming. As I was cumming I felt his hot cum hit my face, my mouth, and my tongue. I lied there taking every drop of it; never flinching and welcoming the cum as it flowed into my mouth, making me feel worthy, knowing how Daddy must be appreciating the view. The second man was still pumping away, but he got harder and harder and even spanked my leg once. Then I could feel him as he was about to cum. I thought he would cum inside me, but instead he pulled out, and jerked his cum all over my stomach and chest. So there I was. Naked. Blindfolded.And completely covered in the cum of two men, who I could not see and did not know, neither of whom was my Daddy. The two men lied there, playing with my body for a bit and then got up, cleaned off, got dressed, and I heard them leave. I lied there, still covered. I heard Daddy moving around the room, but I didn’t know what he was doing.

Then, I felt him sit on the edge of the bed. He began to clean me off with washcloths and towels, almost like a sponge bath, but so sensual. As he cleaned me up, he told me how proud he was of me and what a good job I had done. He told me I did better then he expected I would. I thanked him for letting me please him in such a way. Once he had cleaned me off, he untied me and took off my blindfold. He was lying next to me naked. I started to try to play with his cock and began to move down to suck him, but he stopped me. He said, “I told you that you aren’t allowed to touch.” I thought I was in trouble, but he smiled. He gave me my glass of champagne and let me take a few drinks. Then he told me to stand up. I did. The room was dark now with no lights except a small glow from the bathroom.

Daddy: Walk over to the windows.
(I did and turned around)
Daddy: Open the curtains all the way. 

I paused for a minute and he said, “Do as I ask.” I turned around and pulled back the curtain, but was getting ready to move away from the window, as I was still naked. But as I turned he came up from behind me and pressed me against the glass. I struggled for a minute. I knew we were high up, but what if someone could see me. He thrust his cock deep into my pussy and fucked me furiously against the windows. At first I started to try to get away from the window and he sternly said in my ear, “Stop struggling little one. I want everyone to know you are mine. I want everyone to know I fuck you better than anyone. I want everyone to know how good you fuck your Daddy.” After a minute or so, I did not even think about who could or could not see us, I just wanted to please him and make him cum so hard. He felt me getting close and he commanded me “Cum little girl. Show Daddy how much you cum for him. Cover my cock with your sweet cum baby.” I let out an almost primal yell “Yes Daddy” and came over and over, dripping all over him. He quickly turned me around and shoved me to my knees. I took his cock in my mouth immediately, tasting my juices all over him. He pulled out and came all over my face and mouth. I moved to try to get every drop in my mouth to swallow all of his cum, smiling, and it made me feel whole and I knew it was my ultimate reward for a job very well done. Once done, he smiled looking down at me and said “Such a beautiful girl covered in my cum finally.” 

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6 Responses

  1. TungstenX says:

    Wow. What a good job you did.

  2. Neo Dom Tom says:

    That’s a nice hot scene! Too bad it was only a dream (somehow I think parts of it were not just a dream, but your fantasy). 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    You are so hot baby! Your daddy either is crazy or has no idea what he walked away from. You really sound like a unicorn – the sub that every man wants and can never find. If I wasn’t married, I would collar you in a heartbeat and cherish the gift of your service. I doubt you will be alone for long little one … I hope you get all you want and more.

  4. abby says:

    WOW…I am a first time visitor here, but I loved what I read and hope to get caught up on the rest of your blog! abby

  5. Thank you all. I will say that although it was a dream, it is also a very nice fantasy 🙂

    As for finding another Dom, I am looking although not exactly sure where to begin.

  6. prettyprimal says:

    I LOVE your dream…It mirrors my own and what i thought i had with my Master…Someday i hope!

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