Woodhull IS Freedom

One of many reasons why I feel so at home at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit: Due to the fact that I have to stay “confidential” to protect my job, I am wearing a lanyard that lets people know that I do not consent to have my picture taken. They took a “reference” photo of me to ensure that even if I happen to appear in the background of another photo, they will not publish it.

So, in heading to the party last night, I was walking down the stairs  at the hotel (which has multiple conferences hosting there). Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a photographer from another party see me and comment to his cohort (I can only imagine what was said). Then, I see him raise his camera and sneakily take a picture of me (I guess I looked good – but who does that? Who takes just random pics of pretty women without their consent?).


I arrived at the amazing Bubbles and Burlesque party and I approached Ricci Joy Levy (President of Woodhull) and told her what had happened. I said I knew it wasn’t her fault, but that I thought she should know, in case there was a way to notify and protect other “confidential” attendees. She thanked me and immediately brought some hotel staff to talk to me about who it was. I was immediately nervous as my intention was not to cause an issue, especially with a conference I love. However, the hotel staff was amazingly kind and asked me details about what had happened. I thought that was it and they just wanted to cover themselves. But, they actually approached the Exact photographer and told him that his actions were not appropriate. That would have made me happy if that was the end of it. But it wasn’t. The staff assured me that they stood with the photographer and made him delete the picture from his camera to confirm that my privacy was protected.

The staff not only came back to me to tell me what actions they had taken, they even checked in with me the net day to ensure that I still felt comfortable about my stay.

This is my community. This is my family. No one in my “blood” family would have ever cared about me in such a way. And I know that Woodhull was responsible for pushing the hotel to take action. It meant the world to me to be acknowledged, respected, and cared about/

Thank you, everyone, for making this queer girl feel safe and loved!

PLEASE if you read and support me, consider donating to the amazing human rights cause – Woodhull Freedom Foundation! We all deserve to love how we choose! And these people work had to make that happen!

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